Six Word Saturday

By Ian Britton for

 White crane stands on one leg!

Any of you who do t’ai chi will be familiar with the expression but it wasn’t at all what I had in mind when I started this post.  I was watching the BBC production “Earthflight”, and marvelling at the courtship dance of the Japanese white cranes.  In a week in which me and the other half had been a bit frosty with each other, for reasons I won’t go into, this struck me as suitable material for my 6WS.

If only it were so simple!  The images in my head did not match up to anything I could find on the wonderful web- “white cranes” resulted in the above image.  The “Earthflight” website offered video footage, but not the right bit and no “stills”.  Change of tactic called for.  I found some gorgeous Dancing Cranes by Lucy Wang on YouTube but then realised I don’t have the facility to embed a video without an upgrade.  Oh well- you live and learn! (slowly in my case- have a look on You Tube and think of me)

Just remains to give the other half a kiss and link to showmyface whose idea Six Word Saturday is.  Come and play if you want?  If not, I’ll see you next Saturday.



  1. great 6WS! Dave has a FAB shot of a one-legged seagull – if that’s any use to you?!!! probably doesn’t sound as good though – Seagull instead of Crane?!!
    glad you made it though! looking forward to the photo of you demonstrating the t’ai chi instead?! x

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