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Get on the museum trail!

Tea, anyone?

Tea, anyone?

It may be January, but that’s no reason to sit at home.  I’ve already seen my first snowdrops of the year but, if you don’t like the cold and the great outdoors, there’s plenty of entertainment to be found in museums.  My Monday walk Beside the Tees took me to a local favourite, Preston Park.  Best known for its Victorian Street, the museum is also packed full of titbits of history.

It’s quite fascinating to wander through your past.   My childhood was unexceptional but I rediscovered, with delight, a hand puppet of Muffin the Mule, and cardboard cutout dolls that kept a younger me engaged for many happy hours.  Baby dolls were so ugly in those days, with their nubbly heads and screwed up faces!

The rag rugs were all too familiar from our hearthside, and that modern contraption, a television set, had me chuckling.  The wavy lines on the screen just about made identifiable images, yet I remember being glued to a similar wiggly picture(or even the test card!)  Of course, you younger people won’t have a clue what I’m talking about.

Many a parent was engaged in the ‘how and the why’ of the exhibits, and I was not the only one to exclaim in joy over a recognition.  I featured many of the museum pieces in a previous post, so I won’t dwell too long on the past.  What I do want to show you is the exhibition space.

This is devoted to the Cleveland College of Art and Design and I found it fascinating to view the screen sets and the student’s work.  This intriguing creature greeted me at the entrance.

What a work of imagination and craftsmanship!  Step inside with me.

Isn't this backdrop lovely?

Isn’t this backdrop lovely?

With amazing intricacy

With amazing intricacy

I hope that you like what you’ve seen so far, but now it’s your turn.  You must have a local museum or two?  I’d love to see inside.  After all, I can’t hang about in the open all Winter, now can I?

You might have seen A little something extra?  It gave all the details of Cleveland College of Art’s connection to the museum.  Some of the work is amazing.

Well, I’m off out into the cold again now.  See you soon!