A swift goodbye

By the time you read this, I’ll probably be on the way to the airport. Faro, that is. These past two weeks have been a tumble of emotions, but right now I’m full of excitement. The beach will have to wait till my return.

Travel isn’t easy right now, but I think I’ve ticked all the boxes. Vaccine certificate acquired. Tests undertaken and booked. Checked in and locator form completed. Mask at the ready. Packing the suitcase is the least of your worries. What awaits at the other end is what’s important.

Have a great Summer and I’ll hope to see you when Still Restlessjo goes live in the Autumn.

footsteps 02

As I won’t be around to share for a while, here are the latest walks you’ve sent me. No more, please! With gratitude. It’s been enormous fun.


I’ve received many walks over time, taking me to places I’ve always wanted to go. Here’s another, from Teresa!

La Cite de Carcassone

It’s always been a privilege to share Drake’s world –

Walking on and off

A bit back to the future

RupaIi has the last word, and some good advice!

Investing in good shoes is beneficial

That’s it! Bye, till we meet again!


  1. Missing you this Monday morning Jo. Glad you had a wonderful trip. Our leaves are slow to change this year. Looking forward to your new blog. ❀️Ruth in Pittsburgh

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  2. Hi Jo
    Wow – quite a long break! And are you not doing the walks anymore at all?
    – also – hope the traveling went well and glad you are getting beach again (read your comment To Marsha)

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    1. Hi Yvette πŸ€—πŸ’• I do intend to include walks in the new blog. How could I not? 🀣 But I’m not ready to commit just yet. Lots of other things to occupy my time. And yes, I had a wonderful time in the UK, thanks.

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  3. Autumn won’t be for at least another month here, Marsha. Made our first trip to the beach since returning this morning. Happily it’s quietening down. So many happy memories from England! I expect I’ll share some when I get up and running again πŸ€—πŸ’•πŸ’•

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