Jo’s Monday walk : a fresh, green Algarve

I don’t think I ever saw the Algarve looking greener than it does right now. I know it won’t last, as it starts to hot up this week, but it’s a joyful sight. Normally we’d only have four more weeks of walking before the group splits up and goes its own way. This year there is no group. We long ago dispersed, and have been maintaining contact with amusing anecdotes and photos. They would have chuckled to see us struggling through the undergrowth on this walk.

We left the village of Furnazhinas on a straightforward, if uphill, trail- PR10, Castro Marim. Efforts are made to maintain these trails and renew signs, but not always successfully. There has been so much growth with the damper than usual winter that a machete would have come in handy at one point. The cistus that I love for their beautiful flowers at this time of year are incredibly tenacious, clinging to our clothes as we tried to force a passage. A stream that we needed to cross didn’t help matters but, eventually, we found ourselves on firm ground. And undeniably beautiful.

We were following the bed of the stream for part of our route, and had thought to bring a towel and change of shoes in case of mishap. Not needed in this instance. It’s incredible how greedily this arid terrain can soak up water. A sea of lavender, from deepest purple to pale green, wafts us with fragrance, romping with wild abandon amongst the broom.

As always, oleander follows water, the buds bursting to open. The stream plays hide and seek over a slab of shale, wild sweet peas sprinkled in the long grasses. Tiny white starlets cling on to rocks, drifting helplessly on the water’s surface.

For a while the landscape opens out, and we catch our breath. The land has been left to fend for itself, thriving on the absence of human endeavour. Minute yellow and crimson flowers- more rock roses!- dot the trail, and I take great care not to trample them.

Rock roses, tiny and grand. Undoubtedly stars of nature. As are the crimson poppies at the water’s edge. And a wisp of softest, beguiling blue.

Just enough water, but not too much. Softening the surroundings. Nourishing the plants. Delighting the eyes. But not soaking our feet.

Lemon flowers of every description still carpet the bare patches, in this land where cistus rules. Almost at the end of the trail, I pause to admire the lichen. And then we’re back in the sleepy village. Not even a coffee stop in this one. We have to look elsewhere for cake and distractions.

And so we’re home. Another glorious day in our hills, which I’m privileged to share with you. I’m off up there this morning. Spring time is precious.

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Just time to share a walk or two before I go. Thank you for your company and the kind contributions you make.


Jude knows which paths to lead me down. I love rhododendrons!

A Monday Spring Walk

While Margaret always has the power to soothe me when I’m feeling ruffled :

Catching the end of the sunrise

Sarah takes us to a lesser known, but fascinating, area of Newcastle-on-Tyne :

Following the River Tyne to Ouseburn

And Drake is full of surprises, good and bad!

Hidden away view

Outdoor striptease

Life always seems to be fun with Jesh :

Time on the Patio

Likewise with Marsha, who lives in a beautiful place and is keen to show you her walking prowess :

#BrightSquare: Old Soldier Pass Trail

What’s Older then Red Dirt?

# BrightSquare: Bright Spot in Hike – Miracle Marker

#BrightSquare 30: Bright Destination- Seven Sacred Pools

Do you know Aggie? Let her take you into the heart of the city :

A London Walk on my Day Off

How hardy is Spring in Rupali’s part of the world?

Weekend 119: A fresh breeze is good for us

Let’s finish with Mel’s wonderful city that never sleeps :

Exploring the Sydney Coastline – Bondi to Manly Path – Stage 6, Taronga Zoo to Spit Bridge

That’s it for now. Apologies to anyone I’ve offended along the way. I hope there’ll be a next time on Jo’s Monday walk. Take care till then. And don’t forget to eat cake!


  1. Such parched looking land – it is wonderful that so many beautiful plants grow naturally.
    I am imagining being there, surrounded by a land where ‘Cistus Rules’! Heaven πŸ™‚


  2. After the long, dark, winter months, spring is literally a breath of fresh air. And as the days get longer, the nights get shorter, and it starts to feel warmer, nature responds in a big way. From my personal experience, Portugal is an amazing country to visit during the spring time to see the beautiful blooms. Thanks for sharing and have a good day. Aiva πŸ™‚ xxx


  3. Absolutely gorgeous. So happy to go on this walk with you. That stream is just lovely. And so many flowers! Beautiful. I’m also happy to welcome spring here in Vancouver. Now it only it could get a little warmer . . . .


    1. Hi Suze! Lovely to have you here πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Thanks, yes – I don’t have much cause for complaint but it will be wonderful to see the youngsters again.


  4. I commented at length on this glorious post yesterday. I suspect I failed to press send, which is becoming a rather uncomfortable habit. I loved sharing your spring – you allow me to have two, which is a great luxury, especially as winter approaches here. Up till Monday I was still wallowing briefly in the sea every day – it was still and warm, the days sunny. Not so now. Off on a road trip next week to meet up with 8/13 of the family for a weekend camping on my son’s block – 2000 km round trip, when I’ve only been on 200 km round trips and two only in the last 18 months. A bit scary, but how lucky we are to be able to do it. Stay safe and keep relishing your lovely place.


  5. What a wonderfully superb post. I love following you in the northern hemisphere – I get two springs. Your photos and words are balm to a soul who has just been evicted from a daily wallow in the ocean by rain, big seas and two-jumper chill. Here we are getting a bit of an autumn display, but always from alien trees, never natives. As well as compensation paid by your post, yesterday I bottle-fed a baby wombat, and next week we’re off on a 1000 km road trip (that’s one way!), a big adventure after 15 months close to home. Stay well, and satisfied by the beauty around you.


    1. You and Joe I presume? I’m quietly envious. Plans here are on the back burner while vaccine passports sort themselves out. Our 2nd due end of this month. Still walking and appreciating the good things in life here but it’s getting hot πŸ€£πŸ’• Love our Topsy-turvy worlds. Have a wonderful time πŸ€—πŸ’•πŸ’•


  6. That looks like a challenging walk, Jo. How wonder you can enjoy these beautiful wildlfowers along the walk.
    I love this wild flower series.


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