Bright memories – 7

Where next? A year later found us with this stunning vista of Lake Como. Not my image- my husband was chief cameraman. I simply gawped! And kept a lookout in case a certain Mr. Clooney happened to saunter by, in this playground for millionaires. Bellagio was all I could have hoped for. Our hotel, on the lake front, had the look of former gentility, with frescoes on the dining room ceiling and an air of grandeur. We were tucked neatly away in a large cupboard at the back, and tiptoed down the stairs to breakfast. But the view across the water was sublime.

My memories of Como are not so clear as those of Garda, and I’ve had to rootle under the bed for the box of postcards that constituted my diary at that time. I would say that it was more of a holiday for grown ups, with beautiful gardens and villas everywhere you looked. Entertaining a 7 year old was less easy, but he was pretty good at finding himself friends, including an older couple with whom he regularly played cards. His blow-up rubber boat was a great success in the freezing hotel pool, despite, or because of, its slow puncture. A memorable coach trip to Lake Lugano in Switzerland provided stunning scenery for us and, for him, a giant chess set on the endless shoreline.

Impossible to forget, though, the vision of Isola Bella. We ferried across Como to join a coach for Stresa, on Lake Maggiore. A motorboat carried us out across the water to the Borromean Islands, to the wedding cake confection that is Isola Bella. Everything is anticlimax once you have witnessed these coral grottoes, whimsical statues and the manicured lawns where white peacocks parade. It feels like treading in someone else’s dream.

Almost beyond your wildest dreams, and then onwards, swept towards Isola dei Pescatori, the more modest Fisherman’s island. In the distance, Isola Madre, the mother island. Many holidays rolled into one is how I remember Lake Como, with every possible variation in the weather. Water dripping from our noses in the capital, Como, and searing heat on the islands. A feast of a holiday!

Becky is taking a little sojourn of her own. Do join her with a BrightSquare!


  1. The last photo with the choppy blue water is breathtaking. What a wonderful adventure. I always appreciate beautiful photos, but I can also assume you have even more happy memories associated with your travels to this gorgeous spot!

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    1. It’s funny how much gets forgotten, Debbie. Reading my old postcards so much came back to me, but some of it my husband didn’t remember at all. I think we must have been on separate journeys…together ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Oh, wow! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ This crazy structure is the craziest things I’ve seen in Italy and I have seen quite some crazy things, at least in photos. I don’t remember ever seeing this. Unicorns, sea shells, maidens and obelisks, wow!! And the views are spectacular. Most excellent!

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  3. What a stunning photograph! You did well to stand back and just admire. I think I’ve mentioned before that Como wasn’t my favourite of the lakes, I don’t know why, maybe I expected to much. But I did enjoy the trip on the funicular to the viewing point on Brunate Hill where we looked down on Como town and hills, and the ferry sailing to Bellagio. I never got to stay at Bellagio (I think by the time we got there it would have taken our entire holiday budget to have a room there) but I enjoyed all the other places you mentioned. What would life be without memories like these?

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