Six word Saturday

Sunset on Bardolino- goodbye Lake Garda

Bright memories – 6

Our love affair with the Italian Lakes started here in Bardolino. The small town sparkled on an evening. After an early supper in our hotel we would venture out to absorb the atmosphere. The passegiata, an easy habit to adopt, the water murmuring and glistening at our feet. The following year we returned to Torbole at the head of the lake, for more adventures. And then, emboldened and needing more, Lake Como.

Six Word Saturday



      1. Lakes and mountains are some of my favourite places Jo – saw a programme on Lake Lucerne in Switzerland last night. Do hope we can go there again one day as we have many happy memories from there!

      2. This was our 3rd and last trip to the Lakes, Rosemay, though we had previously been to Salzkammergut in Austria. Those days seem far away šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

      3. Another beautiful destination Jo šŸ™‚ My mum and dad went to St Wolfgang for a holiday and I’ve been to Salzburg a couple of times. We’ve also been to the Italian lakes 3 times (twice to Lake Como and once to Maggiore). Also been through the region by train. I really miss those carefree days when we travelled round Europe so much – it does seem another world at present!

    1. We needed somewhere not too hot with the youngster, Su, and the excitement of the boats and hydrofoils combined with food he loved made them ideal šŸ¤—šŸ’•

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