1. Oh no Jo this is such sad news to read – I had only discovered Sue via your Monday Walk post a couple of weeks back and exchanged messages via the blog. A beautiful tribute from the heart, take care xxx (I realise reading the above comments that you’ve had rather a stressful time recently with your neighbour being being taken ill too, sending hugs from WA).


    1. Awful, isn’t it? I feel surrounded by calamity at the moment. Our neighbour rang the doorbell at 6 this morning to say she was calling an ambulance to go to hospital. I’m on cat feeding and plant watering duty! Happy Easter to you 🤗💕


      1. Gosh. It’s not the best time to be going to hospital. I hope she’ll be back home soon.

        Happy Easter. Do you have any chocolate? A little of that might be your best bet.


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