1. What fun! Just last night we were watching the Netflix show where Paul Hollywood goes to different countries and drives all their cool cars. Can’t remember the name, but in Germany, he drove an old but in perfect condition VW van. Talk about hippy transportation. It was epic and I’d take one in an instance if they were still made. Love the mural on this one but I shudder at what the gas mileage must be. πŸ™‚


  2. Oh, this is a lovely jungly van, though it does look as though there is a jungle inside too! Would it be big enough for us all to go on that road-trip we are so desperately waiting for?

  3. Maybe not a hippie van, I’ve seen a fair few with the doors open, boy oh boy they are messy! I wouldn’t mind one of those Maui vans with a shower and toilet inside

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