1. A slightly crazy day, Becky! Walk post still to be written but I’m up on the roof right now. Decking restored and all right with the world… well, almost! Hope you had a good weekend? πŸ€—πŸ’•

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      1. I’d stay on roof and just enjoy sunshine – there’s always next week to share your post!!

        and yes a fabulous weekend, thank you. I even managed to join the Saturday chat for a while

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    1. Thanks, darlin! People are very kind. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ It’s Mother’s Day in the UK today and I’ve had lovely messages from both of mine, so life could be much worse.


  1. This looks more like a Sue-door. I’m sorry for your glums. The missing is horrible, and comments suggest there are a lot of people feeling that sadness. Soon, is my wish for you.

    Vaccination is so slow. My Polish daughter had her first this week: it looks as if Warsaw’s in lockdown again. We’re next in line but our sums don’t match theirs. They were saying mid March. Sums say next year!!


    1. Thanks, sweetheart! I was just thinking of you. I was feeling a bit more hopeful by the end of the day yesterday, but meeting still keeps getting pushed further and further away. We chatted and James was full of the joys of Spring and optimism over a potential buy, while Mick kept trying to bring him back down to earth. I just love that smiling face. He’ll come back down soon enough. It’s Lisa’s turn to be unhappy and I’m powerless to help. Whether near or far, but I’d love a cuddle. Stay safe, Meg πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  2. Wishing your son+1 good luck with the house-hunting Jo. Here in the states the further they are from the cities these days, the fewer the number of homes that are available. Houses in the outskirts are selling sight unseen for more than the asking price. It’s crazy out there. Nice to capitalize if you’re selling but then you cannot afford to buy a replacement. Loved your six words and your image. Spot on!


    1. Thanks, Tina! He was thrilled to have a city centre apartment and the canal to walk by, but a year of being cooped up in there changes your outlook. The suburbs here are generally cheaper and the rental was astronomical so we’re hoping it all works out.


  3. Sounds like a mix of good and bad news, Jo, so sending you as many virtual hugs as you can handle. I missed what’s going on with the house hunting, so clue me in. My s-i-l and b-i-l in France are signed up for their first shots later this month which is marvelous news. My husband got his first last week and my parents and I are done with ours. Fun year when one of the highlights is getting shots! πŸ™‚




    1. Yes, it seems to be a popular topic of conversation, Janet πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ The house-hunting is just my son and partner trying to get out of city centre rental and onto the mortgage ladder. Fraught with difficulties and it would be nice to be near at hand but it’s not an option right now.


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