You bet your life we are!

‘Monday is washing day, Tuesday’s soup, Wednesday’s roast beef, Thursday is shepherd’s pie, Friday’s fish, Saturday is pay day, Sunday is church, Is everybody happy?’ …. Your turn! ‘ You bet your life we are!’ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

A mingling of Algarve washing, with a splash of happy yellow. Are you joining Andrew at Monday Washing Lines? You’ll have to peg neatly!


  1. I really enjoy how you set up the photos in this collage, Jo. Very creative and fun. I also found the comments interesting. I just now googled how to right click one photo on a trackpad on a laptop – hold down β€œcontrol” and use 2 fingers to click on the trackpad while on the photo – then you have options to open up the image. I have always wondered about this, too. I am not too sure what our hanging outside washing rules are around here. I will find out. Thank you for sharing. πŸ™‚


    1. It does annoy me that you can’t run the collage as a gallery, the way you normally can in WordPress, Erica, but a simple right click will bring the individual photos up in a new window. Not everyone will bother and the collage is effective with a certain selection of photos, but it’s a bit of a rigid format. Win some, lose others! My washer is humming away at the moment. Another sunny Algarve day πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Hope all’s well with you?

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  2. You’d be lucky to find a washing line anywhere is the US now except maybe way out in the country! They are banned from most neighborhoods now! So sad! l love the smell of laundry that has been hung outside! My grandmother was the last person, I know, who had one! PS I like to iron too! I know crazy! And I like to can and preserve too!

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      1. They don’t like the β€œLook” of them in the neighborhoods…. no basketball hoops, no swing sets….. they have long lists of β€œNot Allowed” Can’t paint your house without approval of color….can’t plant your yard without approval of landscape committee…… and so on!


      2. And Planned Communities! Ours has to have a green space (park) every 15 houses….. had to have a church….. has to have multi family houses and town homes….. had to provide one home per ( I’m not sure of the number) that is provided by the town for low income family that can’t meet the minimum cost to live here…..everything is provided for them…… It usually goes to a teacher or police officer …….There is also no street parking at night and your car must be in garage at night and not in driveway! And your garbage bins can only show on garbage day! The list goes on but everyone wants to live here!


  3. I didn’t learn the rhyme quite that way, but it’s the same general idea. I like these, especially the yellow bits but then I’ve been participating in Jude’s Life in Colour this month and the theme is yellow, so my eyes are geared to see it. πŸ™‚ Happy Monday, my friend.


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      1. This month I decided to try to do a yellow theme each day and I’ve managed pretty well. Several times I’ve double themes. It’s been fun and right now it’s great to see lots of yellow. ❀


      2. Too much like squares. I don’t like that level of commitment. I’d rather post 3 times a week and enjoy doing it. Happy to read others when time permits. πŸ€—πŸ’•


      3. I post every day anyway, so it wasn’t a big deal. I manage to keep up with the blogs I follow for the most part, but when people post 2-4 times a day, I usually just visit and comment on one. Too much going on in the real world for that. I enjoy Lens-Artists Challenge, but sometimes the them is one I’m not really interested in and I’m already doing Six Word Saturday and One Word Sunday. There really is more to life than blogging. πŸ™‚

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