Monday Mural

A mural for our times. I’d gone for a stroll by the water in neighbouring Cabanas when this curly headed cherub caught my eye. The following day there was an outbreak of Covid-19 and it became a place to avoid. Fortunately numbers seem to be decreasing locally and we have hopes of a return to normal life.

Monday Mural


  1. Ahh normal life, every so often something reminds me of that. Looking at photos, there are hardly any recent ones and that reminds me of how I do these days. I’ll have a virtual hug please!


  2. Hello there
    Its Gunjan Rathor this side.
    Author of β€˜The First Steps’ book and co-author of two more books. Presently in 12th standard PCB student. From Raipur, CG India
    Right now we are preparing for an anthology and came to Know that you are a good writer. It will be great to see you joining usΒ 
    If you want I can send you more detailsΒ 

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  3. Jo, very much a mural of our times and I think one that should stay there to remind us later of these difficult times, the era of masks! It’s good your numbers are going down and that seems quite fast, thankfully. I saw on the news how German doctors were flown into Lisbon and had no idea Portugal was in such dire straits. Hope things will quickly get better. Here it is such a see-saw of good news/ bad news I’ve stopped watching it.

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    1. The health service here doesn’t have the same resources as some and the cities have been hit badly. Grateful for the incoming help. In the Algarve the restrictions don’t feel so necessary and are inflicting huge damage on local businesses but the government doesn’t want to make an exception. I’m distressed by the UK’s latest move but powerless to do anything about it. πŸ™„πŸ’•πŸ’•

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  4. What a very sweet mural, Jo. I hope there are more adventures ahead for you in the near future…keeping track of Covid numbers is heartbreaking. I have a dear friend very ill right now. We hope for better soon!!

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    1. The virus has changed our world in a way I find hard to comprehend, Debbie. To visit the UK I will have to spend 10 days in a hotel of the government’s choice at an estimated cost of Β£1700. You can’t put a price on lives but I’m devastated by this decision. I hope for the best for your friend, hon.


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