Just One Person From Around the World: Balboa, Spain

I really don’t do this, but I’m having some ‘think’ time this week, and this is a great idea you might enjoy meanwhile.


I have stopped watching the news….I have dropped all social media, except for my blog, which I try to keep to positive vibes…. there are a lot of folks in the world, who are everyday folks, just trying to provide food and shelter and love……….they are trying to make a living…….keep their kids educated and basically just take care of their families, without an agenda.  Me too. I think there is more of us…. Just trying to live our lives….. So, I would like to take the time to focus today on one elderly gent I spotted in the ‎⁨Plaza Nueva⁩, ⁨Balboa, Spain⁩.

‎⁨Plaza Nueva⁩, ⁨Bilbao⁩, ⁨Basque Country⁩, ⁨Spain⁩

He walked with his head down…..was he thinking about how many times he had been in this plaza and all the things he had seen here? Was he sad? Was he lonely? Did he live in one of the balcony apartments?…

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