1. Nice pictures, Jo, very pretty too. We were close but never went over to Portugal, driving from Boudreaux, France, to Burgos, Spain, and then down (Madrid, Seville, Gibraltar and then meandering east to Granada. Wie did visit a Portuguese island on a Canary Island cruise from Southampton.
    Thank you for peeking in on me, you have meant a lot to my blogging experiences.

  2. What a wonderful idea for planter boxes Jo! Have you been forced to switch to the new editor now? I’m still getting used to it though I do think it showcases photos well (if you can upload them that is)! Hope you have a lovely week xx

    1. I quite like some of the galleries, Rosemay, but I like to display photos the way I think they look best and WP and I don’t always see eye to eye. I understand once you switch over you can’t go back but I may be wrong. The planters are great though 🤗💕

      1. Yes I think you’re right Jo – once you switch over you can’t go back again. I somehow switched by accident which is really annoying but sort of getting used to the new version. Merry Christmas! It’s very hot here and the family have just left to go to the in laws so now sorting out a blog post. We do our main meal on Christmas Eve evening with the family and a couple of friends and I was wilting trying to cook! Still we have been so lucky to have a relatively normal Christmas here. Hope you have an enjoyable day though it is hard for everyone at present. Due to Skype my dad soon – my brother should be there as it’s classed a care visit so at least he will have someone with him. Take care and have a lovely day xx

      2. Merry Christmas, Rosemay! Thank you for your warmth and generosity. You’re always such a kind presence. I’m just sitting beside our tiny tree with a cuppa. I’ve opened Michael’s card and I’m waiting for a decent hour to wake him. James wants to open presents while we Skype. Much love, hon! xxxx

      3. You’re so welcome Jo – have been thinking of you and others separated from their families this Christmas. What a lovely idea to open presents whilst you Skype! I’m going to be Skyping my dad in about an hour and a half’s time – he’s been rather down recently not surprising really. Having a quiet afternoon before heading out to friends this evening. Take care and have a lovely day albeit a different Christmas this year xxx

  3. These are fabulous. What are they made from? They look like the discarded bows from mini boats.
    I refuse to use the new editor. Let me know if you want to access the classic editor. It’s easy.

    1. I don’t know if they’ve been specially constructed, Alison, or if they are in fact from existing boats but there are a lot of them. Painted wood. Many more than I’ve shown, and the artwork is signed by individual artists, but I couldn’t find anything out on Google. 😦 I know you can return to Classic but I understand that if you’ve used the Block system it doesn’t work the same and I really don’t want to mess with my head finding out. I do like some features, but I think it’s cumbersome and too rigid.

  4. What fun Jo! How large was the area where you found them – ie were they spread around over a couple of miles or all in a single neighborhood? Either way they’re wonderful! And bah humbug to the new editor. Using it but not happily 😡

    1. Hiya darlin! It’s a small shopping area, just a few streets, so a lot of planters in quite a small area. A lot of work but a nice initiative. Not sure whose idea as I couldn’t find any information about them 🤔💕

  5. As you can likely tell, my blog reading has been become blog glancing these days, but these stopped me long enough to comment! They are so cheerful and cool.

    1. Presume you have something else to fill your days, Lexie? A project or fitness stuff? 🙂 🙂 We carry on with the good life, albeit in reduced numbers. Christmas lights are my current preoccupation and I’ve found some beauties for the next week or so. Take care, darlin!

  6. Jo, I so need a bright splash of colour these grey rainy days and then I happen upon your glorious post! Colours galore, wonderful and imaginative decorations of these boat planters. They are fantastic and have me smiling. I love the creative range, and intrigued by the choice of painting toenails one! Thank you for sharing and for recommending to watching in gallery! Wishing you a lovely Sunday! xx😀❤️

    1. Actually the skies here are very grey and British looking today, Annika, but we had already arranged a walk in the hills with a couple who live here fulltime too. 18C but overcast, and a very nice lunch afterwards. The Portuguese are very fond of Sunday lunch out 🙂 🙂

      1. Better late… An initiative between the local council and a group of artists. I managed to read the name of Paulo Gago on one of the planters and he has a Facebook page featuring his painting of the market hall, which dominates the seafront at Olháo. 🙂 🙂

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