Monday Mural

Playing around sometimes ends in tears. The Chameleon Trail, through pine forest from Vila Real de Santo Antonio to Monte Gordo, is currently out of bounds to Tavira. Not exactly locked down, we can’t go beyond the bounds of our municipality at present. But that still gives us a bit of scope. And you can play with the slider- hot chameleon, cool chameleon?

Pop over and share a Monday Mural with Sami. Have a good week!


  1. We’re in a red zone with increasing cases, so we are trying to keep low. Sticking to ourselves, there is no indoor dining and it is getting a little too cold to sit out!


    1. I got myself in a right mess with this. Was going to use part of it for your photo challenge but I accidentally deleted the best bit when I was experimenting with colours. Not as clever as I thought 😣💕💕


  2. Yes, you dont want people like me walking the trail, tripping and breaking their leg, in the middle of a pandemic!! (we werent in lockdown by the way when that happened, by the way!)


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