Sunshine after the rain

I’ve had the song running through my head since I read Ana’s post on Saturday. The sun will come out tomorrow is almost guaranteed in my present home in the Algarve. But it wasn’t always so. Back in the north east of England there were as many grey days as blue. I’m one of the lucky ones, who’ve managed to turn the dream into reality, and I try to be grateful for that every day.

Rain, here, is something to be cherished, though I didn’t actually tap-dance, Gene Kelly style, when the heavens opened last week. I did watch, awe-struck, as the lightning rolled and the thunder clapped. And marvelled afterwards at the fresh green beauty of my world.

I find the salt pans almost as lovely under leaden skies, but there is no denying the joy I feel when sunlight glints on the water. The world sparkles with a magic all its own. It fills me with hope for a brighter and better future. If only we can make it happen.


    1. It’s always the way here, Lexie. It’s a bit hazy today but grey isn’t a colour I recognise any more. I’m still capable of grey moods though. Even here the virus is creeping in. A friend is in hospital very ill. Tired of doom and gloom and putting a good face on. πŸ˜’πŸ’•πŸ’•

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  1. Jo, I always love the fresh smells left after the rain and the sparkling water surfaces. Beautiful photos and indeed you live in such a gorgeous place, with grey skies few and far between. Enjoy πŸ˜„


  2. Lovely, Jo – and – you almost always know the sun will be back next day, don’t you? Gorgeous glittery water! Right now I am rather envious…grey and dark here…


  3. Your images are beautiful Jo, and you are fortunate to be in such a glorious place during these difficult times. But it was your closing thoughts that pulled me in this time…..”if only” indeed!


  4. Now who’s been playing with the blocky gallery thingummyjigs? Looks rather pretty, but I dislike the fact you can’t scroll through them. I have played around with all the different image blocks and in the end for what I use the classic gallery and single image features are all I really need. I suspect one day I shall have to bow to the inevitable. Not a lot of sunshine around here today – I had a glimpse this morning and then the window cleaner arrived so it rained – as usual. Annoying as I was all set to mow the lawn. Sorry to read about the mishap. I seem to have a large nasty black bruise on my arm, but can’t recall injuring it. I do seem to bruise easily these days. Not enough wine in the blood. Or maybe too much!
    Stay safe! Hope your croquet isn’t the undoing of you. Is the group having to self isolate then? Or don’t you have to do that over there?

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    1. I’ve tried all the combinations out of curiosity and I like this one, but as you say, annoying that you can’t get an effective close up. Means you have to chose which ones get the limelight πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ But I always played with my photos till I got the effect I wanted in the old system. I rather enjoy that aspect. A really lovely 23C today. Home this morning waiting for a man to clean the suite, but Mick got the day wrong. He’s coming tomorrow πŸ™‚ I enjoyed being up on the roof with washing and books. Went to Barril after lunch, just to check it was still beautiful.
      No crowket for the foreseeable. He is really very ill and will be in hospital for a while. His wife is distraught, as you would be. Anyone who saw him after 29th October was asked to self isolate. My last contact was 21st and he was a happy, chirrupy chap. No idea who passed it on, of course, so due caution is being taken.


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