Kind of idyllic

I make no secret of the fact that I love where I live. When you can find shells like love hearts on the beach, and a pretty little church upside down in the tidal pools. An expanse of beach all to yourself, complete with soft ripples and seaweed necklace. Never mind that a seagull with big feet got there first. Scramble nimbly over the rocks to the dinky lighthouse, if you’re steady on your feet.

Do you see the lady running, in the rivulets of tide? Wind blowing in her hair. Rushing to meet the sun. The clouds were scudding that afternoon. Another heart, drawn in the smooth sand. It could be mine.

2020 Photo Challenge #42



  1. Yay! Made it to this one —- I know now why these landscapes/seascapes appeal to me; they’re so flat! I have always enjoyed running at low tide, but only if it’s a flat low tide… Running on a slope makes my knees hurt, so it’s ‘One, two, three, four – ping- six – ping= eight-ping and I stop and walk.. I can run ‘forever’ on flat sand, circling when an interesting artifact appears, stopping it if’s really special, drawing a circle around it so I can retrieve it on the way back. Sigh, the artist keeps a wealth of found-objects; some make it into future paintings and others are just there to see if anyone ever comments – like the broken plastic toy soldier or a discarded flip flop!


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