1. This looks like the Lomatium I’ve found around here. The one I posted (https://gunta.photos/2020/05/01/bits-of-april) is a darker, almost orange, but we have 6 different varieties and one of them looks just like yours.) What FUN! Ours are supposed to be native. I’m wondering if yours are, too. They are supposed to be medicinal (the roots) and have been found to be helpful for respiratory diseases… Covid-19???)

    1. I remember seeing it at yours and leaving a comment, Gunta. Yes, I’m sure it’s the same plant, tough how it came to be here I don’t know. 🙂 🙂

      1. I can’t seem to get my comment for the rest of the post to appear…. I’ll try adding it here:

        Have to say I especially enjoyed this post with all the brilliant color and the various flowers. It was a sheer delight on a day when we’re getting some very much needed RAIN!!! 😀

        This comment doesn’t appear to be ‘posting’ but I’ll try again (after several attempts)… Grrrr to WP!!!

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