Life at the Top

From a wreck to a palace!  A quick hop back in time to my visit to Aveiro last year.  A place I’d always wanted to visit for its canals, but I had no idea that this fabulous Art Deco Museum existed.  Room at the Top?  Yes, please!  The views would be stunning.

Trading views with Becky this morning at #SquareTops.


    1. It would be fabulous, Otto, but I wouldn’t get much work done because I’d be watching the canal boats. 🙂 🙂 Hope you’re keeping well, and busy enough to distract you from the current situation.

  1. Aveiro was one of our favourite places to discover in Portugal. We stayed the night and went for a boat trip along the canal. As we visited early in spring, we had the boat all to ourselves 😊

    1. We were there for a birthday trip for my husband in early July. Not so busy as you might expect and the weather was fabulous. My canal ride is on the Aveiro link. 🤗💕

  2. I’ll take the penthouse suite if it’s available. Fantastic OTT building, but I love the style.

  3. This museum is amazing! I visited it a few years ago. So nice.
    Last November i was in Aveiro again, but had no time to visit the museum again.
    Nice shot. 😃

  4. One of the reasons I want to go back is to see more of their Art Deco. We didn’t have time on our day trip. Is the museum as fabulous inside as it is outside?

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