Hill Top Heaven?

This snippet from a walk gives me a house on a hill top, for Becky’s #SquareTops, and some subtle vertical lines for Jude, my main focus today.

Come and sit on our sunny patio!  It’s hard to get verticals vertical sometimes.  Which line to line up with?  As you can see, it’s been raining.

And, in fact, we had the biggest storm ever last night.  Talk about theatricals!  It’s raining still, so plenty of time to join in with #2020PhotoChallenge.  I don’t mind sunny rain.  Join me?


  1. Those hilltops are the most sought-after places to buil houses on here in the Texas Hill Country, as you can imagine. And as y to buy.ou also can imagine, they run into the millions

  2. An interesting set of verticals – and turning the camera is very creative, but then you are very inventive! Are you the rock builder then? The house on the top of the hill looks like my kind of house – what are the trees? They are not grape vines and look too green for olives. Another very dry day here today. We seem to swing from one extreme to another at the moment. Off to queue at the supermarket in a moment. Oh, joy!

    1. I do try to be inventive, Jude, even if it’s just tall stories. I love the little cairns but daren’t touch because they’d be sure to fall over. 🤣 We think plums but need to go back for another look. Blowing a hooligan now but sunny. Hanging on to my plants! Loved your burst of yellow this morning. Not had time to comment yet. We combined shop with a walk after the rain stopped 🤗🌦️🌈💕

  3. My ideal place Jo, just me, the views, and a few animals – is it for sale? lol. I love the deep pink flowers and the ‘naughty vertical’ made me giggle 🙂

  4. We had a terrible storm Monday morning with torrential downpours. I like the house on the hill. I bet they’ve got a pretty view. “Sunny rain.” Keep an out out for a rainbow, Jo! Enjoy your day! ❤

      1. This is pretty close to ours. We were trying to decide yesterday whether they were plum trees. A little further on exists my perfect house. But no sea view 🙂 🙂

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