Photographers on Top

Isn’t it strange, the things your eyes miss?  I don’t know how many times I must have walked past the photographer’s studio on Avenida da Liberdade, in Tavira, and never noticed this handsome pair, looking down on me.  Always look up!  I do, but I have a tendency to bump into things.  🙂

Becky has a beautiful post over on #SquareTops today.  Don’t miss it!


  1. That’s better than a billboard. I’m forever noticing things I swear I’ve never seen before. Then Eric tells me it’s been there forever. It makes me think we all see different things… whatever catches our attention.
    What a fun post!

    1. It’s usually the other way with me and Mick. I don’t normally miss much, and i’m not sure if this isn’t a recent addition. I like it, though 🙂 🙂

  2. Snap, though the one I captured is of a “dummy” looking through an old fashioned camera on a tripod featured on a balcony. Fun photograph, Jo.

      1. That explains it! I was puzzled at Whoops, but am feeling a bit off this morning and thought it must be me! Catch you later 🙂

  3. Stop and stare . Take photo . That’s what I try and remember to do Jo but not an easy thing at the moment Lol
    Keep on moving… got to keep my distance and follow the rules 😉
    Great processing !

    1. Hello, Poppy! Sorry, I seem to have missed this comment. It’s been a crazy week, in many respects. I’d love to move the clock forward to more normal times, but I have no idea when that might be. Hope you are coping, and using your creativity for distraction. Wishing you peace this Easter. 🙂 🙂

      1. I’ve been absent Lol
        Thank you ..a peaceful one for sure and yes … art brushes keeping me busy as is the garden which has been rather neglected for far too long . I’ve wigwams for sweet peas and hopefully a wildflower patch that will be * buzzing *come a few weeks . Well I can hope ..not sure the soil is the best . Time will tell !

  4. What two photographers have been prying on you and you were caught unawares! Finally you captured them just in time for tops! Nice find!! hmm I can smell a lot of sweet buttery notes out here…🍰🧁🍰

  5. What have I told you? Look up, look down. Stand still and look around. I know [sigh…] that’s almost an impossible request to a restless one like you! I do like your gentlemen and glad you finally got to see them.

      1. Well they could be if you’ve not seen them before, practice your Portuguese and go and ask once life returns to normal.

  6. Gosh, Becky, you’re having a conference calling kind of day then! Enjoy, just as I’m enjoying Jo’s image, and my image of her bumping into everyone as she seeks to take her Top Shot.

  7. Love the photographers 🙂 It’s surprising what people miss by not looking up, especially wonderful architecture on buildings. I saw something while waiting in a queue outside the bank last week and it gave me an idea for a future blog post 🙂

      1. 10:30 today so got a little bit of time, then it’s a working day today. However sun is shining so am sure I will have lots of coffee breaks on the terrace!
        How about you both. Plans for the day?

      2. Well… it’s going drip, drip, drip right now, but yesterday was glorious so who knows? I have some writing to do, and there’s always Portuguese 🙂 🙂 Good idea- more coffee needed!

      3. Nothing I’ve done deliberately. I have noticed WP playing tricks on me lately, and I sometimes have to log in before I can comment. One day they’ll just delete me. No worries 🙂 🙂

      4. Intriguing . . you literally changed from cake to you within a few minutes this morning. Maybe we need to send the WP engineers cake!

      5. The bakeries are absolutely an essential of Portuguese life. Just strange not to see them sitting outside with a Bica 😦 😦

      6. Must be so hard on the Portuguese, and all the other cultures were sitting in cafes is an essential part of everyday life

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