Room at the top?

There seem to be one or two vacancies, if you have a head for heights.  But somebody has to mind the baby.

I know there are people out there who will be disappointed, but honestly, 30 days of cake?  Whatever happened to weekend treats?  Becky will like this one.  The rest of you will just have to wait.  You’re as bad as my husband!  🙂  ##SquareTops


  1. There are days I’d like my nest to be that high! Great shot, Jo.

    By the way, I never notice the cake … has there been a string of days in which you’ve posted cake? Haha – I do not like cake, so even though I know you do, and I sometimes take note of a slice that is pictured, I had not registered 30 days of cake! Now if it had been toast ….!


  2. I might be able to handle the heights if I had wings. Imagine the view! 😀

    We’re rather enjoying the solitude and togetherness, though we are extremely lucky to have enough open spaces to get out for an occasional walk.


      1. Amen to that! We’ve said more than a few times that we can’t imagine anyone we’d rather be ‘isolated’ with. Hard to think of what it might be like to be stuck in an abusive relationship at a time like this. 😔

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  3. If I could climb that post I would gladly babysit just to have the experience of being out and about and looking around. As one of the older folk I am virtually quarantined and finding it irksome but I’m still grateful for what I’ve got, space, a nice garden, lovely neighbours and friends to shop for me. I’m thoroughly happy in reading most of the day, catching up on all the books I’ve bought but never got around to reading.

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    1. Sounds like a peaceful haven, Mari. I’m not keen on the food shop but needs must. Otherwise I do more than my share of walking. Got to combat cake somehow. Stay safe darlin 🤗🍰💕


      1. Lots of sunny days here, Jo, and the new home is lovely. I’ve had a couple good walks, very different, more urban ones, but if I’m out early, which I am, I don’t see many people and that’s what I like. I don’t mind people, but I like somewhat solitary walks. 🙂


      2. I feel the same, Janet, even though I often used to walk in a group. It was a way of making friends when we first got here and it became a way of life. Not any more, of course 🤗💕

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