Jo’s Monday walk : Vaqueiros in Spring

Last week’s walk may have been a little long-winded, and I was chided over the lack of cake, so this one needs to be both short and sweet.  The blossom is appearing everywhere and it’s a crime to be indoors.  Come with me to Vaqueiros, in my Eastern Algarve.

Vaqueiros is another hill village situated on the 300km Via Algarviana, and a good starting point for two circular walks.  I took you along on one of them a couple of years ago, so let’s go and see the other.

An information board indicates the way out of the village, on a gentle ascent.  A tinkling of bells alerts me to the presence of goats, an elderly goatherd leaning, unconcerned, on a wall in the shade.  And then, in a valley, a wonderful surprise.  Clear, sparkling water, flowing freely.  It’s been a long dry spell and recent, welcome rains have done their work.

The patterns in the rock crisscross like a giant game board, and I linger, thinking what a great place for a picnic and a paddle.

Our walk leader tells us we have a steady uphill climb for half an hour, and to keep our voices down when we pass the beehives.  It’s probably too early in the year, but the last thing you need is a swarm of angry bees.  Fortunately, nothing stirs as we tiptoe past.

Next we find ourselves the object of much curiosity.  Sheep certainly seem to abide by the maxim ‘safety in numbers’.  I couldn’t spot the shepherd but I’m sure there’s a stray goat or two in the pack.

The trail wends its way around and beneath a canopy of trees, mostly pine.  We pass by a nicely shaded picnic table, knowing we are not too far from our café stop at journey’s end.  And you know what that means!

In the small reservoir a bird flaps down to perch on the stump of a tree, and I try to zoom for a clearer photo.  Not my forté.

Now I’m not really sure that you’ve earned cake, though we’ve certainly burned a few calories.  Sorry!  Somebody just couldn’t wait  😦

But at least one of them makes a delightful square for January Light.  Just 5 days of Becky’s challenge to go!

walking logo

So nice to have water in the rivers again, though I may not be saying that tomorrow when I have to cross one!  Thank you all for your company, and please find a little time to visit each other.  Join me any time, here on Jo’s Monday walk.


Just a warm-up from Natalie, but so pretty you might want to linger :

Hiking to Peguche Waterfall

Amanda has found a happy new home by the sea to put a big smile on her face :

Sunday Morning Beach Walk

Contrary to popular belief, I don’t mind the odd invigorating walk, and I’m happy to join Jonno and Jo :

Wild and Windy Walk at Heddon Valley

Speaking of windy, what better than the one and only Chicago?  Thanks, Janet!

Jo’s Monday Walk… the Windy City

Slade, and a pink house that I remember, in Montmartre with Drake :

Kind of rocking culture

I’m not great at whistling, but I’d give this a go, Alice :

Echo Square- Savannah

Denzil takes us gently wandering again in Belgium :

Sclaigneaux 2k(for kids) and 10k walks

And how beautiful are these, from Irene?

Glimpses of Dawn

Living Desert Garden

Margaret takes me very close to ‘home’ with this one :

Highlights of a Bird-free Bird Reserve

In fact, this was my very first Monday walk, and I can’t resist re-sharing  🙂  Almost 6 years ago!

Jo’s Monday walk : Greatham Creek

I’m sure you’ll have heard of this place (the English version follows the Italian).  Please stop by and say hello!

Alberobello:tutto il fascino dell’orientalismo pugliese

Cathy does a fabulous job here!  Don’t miss her truly gorgeous photography :

Morocco: the blue-washed Chefchaouen

It’s going to be a great year here for blossom.  I hope you can enjoy it with me.  Take care till next time!


  1. II agree it is a crime to be indoors when the sun is shining on the ripples of the clear water making shimmering patterns on the rocky bottom.
    It is easy to see the blossom but you see the beauty of an old weathered log and things that are not so apparent to everyone.
    Ok we all see the icing on the cake but the real nourishment is not so obvious’
    That is why I love your walks.


  2. Your walk brings some Algarve warmth to our Sierra. We had a few cold days in cabanas last week but good to be by the sea. Good to see the rivers fuller and those beautiful almond blossoms.


    1. Sorry, Georgina- I seem to have missed this comment. I was just backtracking to round up any walks for tomorrow’s post and there you were. 🙂 🙂 We turned the corner this weekend. 22C and glorious this afternoon so I’ve had a morning walking in the hills, a light lunch with friends, and a walk out to Quatro Aguas to sit by the water. Complete and utter bliss!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Bright and sunny here today Jo .. but certainly not with those rather nice temperatures you mention 😛
    Love the blossoms .. really heralding Spring for me … and the rock bottomed stream patterns … yet to be paddled 😉
    My somewhat mundane walk tackled yesterday involved some nice views on and off but a brambly shortcut (should have known better but I’m nosy Lol .. led me to some extremely sodden and ankle twisting tussocky fields . Still .. it upped my mapmywalk stats so that must be a *tick !
    Have a great week x


    1. Mick is the Mapmywalk Maestro and we’ve had soggy feet 2 days running. Happy to stay at home and watch Rafa this morning. Well, I would have been if he’d won. 😕 Went for lunch to cheer me up and a check on bridge progress 💕


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