Light of our lives

Our son is 30 today.  We can’t be with him but I hope he knows he is the light of our lives.  We have a set of 3 of these bottles, one blue, one pink and this one, which was a gift from him.  Empty now, of course, but we’ll be raising a glass to him later, by Lamplight.  Happy birthday!



  1. Ah .. yes .. I see you had a few celebratory chinkles Jo .. smashing ! but not literally ha
    Sounds like your son had quite a 30th Birthday treat 🙂 Lego for your boy … Harry Potter and Star War Games are our DD’s choice for fun evenings .. and she’s past 30 😉


  2. I’m sure a few raised glasses were chinked in celebration Jo .. and I bet you were thrown back to memories of him as a youngster 😉 and then onto do you remember when …
    A new birthday decade for him lots of plans to make maybe ?
    The lamp is perfect !

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  3. I understand how your son is the light of your lives, Jo. What a blessing! My heart warms thinking of you being separated from him on his special day, but knowing how far those bonds of love reach without any sign of strain. Cheers to a special young man and his parents!

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  4. Such a youngster still! D’s daughter turned 30 just before Christmas whereas A turned 40 in December – Margaret is right, having a 40 year old makes you feel old, but then you know that too! Sounds like he is having a good day. When will they be back out for a visit? And a pretty lamplight too. 😁

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    1. Just been talking to him. Lauren surprised him with a meal at a posh place in Leeds at lunchtime and he loves all that. Building a Lego Millennium Falcon this evening. We are over there 5th April for a week to look after the youngster and they come to us for Spring Bank. We were out with Marie this evening so I have raised several glasses 🙃🍷💕

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      1. My boys had a Millennium Falcon when they were very small, not Lego, but still a very lovely toy. Not so long before you see them again. Any date set yet for the wedding? ❓🤨


  5. Jo, an exquisite bottle and had to smile at the type of wine “whitey vine”! Where is the light coming from? It seems to glow from inside. Hope your son has an amazing birthday and that you’ll see him soon to celebrate again!😀

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