Just a few lines, to close…

I thought I’d put together a celebration of Algarve lines before Becky calls time on the Lines and Squares challenge this month.  I found the above in a craft shop in Alte and was half-tempted to take it home.  And I love the faded mosaic patterns on the stone tables beside Fonte Pequena.

Not strictly Algarve lines, because we nipped across the border.  Fred was very taken with this tiny door in a wall in the sleepy, Spanish village of Sanlucar de Guadiana.  He couldn’t get in though.  Maybe some of Alice’s cake?  ‘Eat me!’

Back on this side of the border, I can never wander in Santa Luzia without finding something my camera likes.

And finally, a little razzamatazz in Loulé on market day.  Overkill, or what?  I’m traveling today but will try and keep up with you.  Meanwhile, for Becky, it’s a rosy End of the Line.  Many thanks to our wonderful hostess for keeping us distracted throughout October.


    1. Hi Pauline! How’s things? I find myself in Seville this morning. It’s All Saint’s Day and a public holiday and yesterday I met lovely Sue from Words Visual. My purpose for being here 🤗💕

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      1. So lovely to get together with fellow bloggers enjoy your time together look forward to reading about your get together. I’m recovering after a bit of a scare. You can see the details on my latest blog.


  1. The first photo looks so real! Glad your camera can suss out the good shots for you, I’ll borrow it one of these days.


  2. A great selection Jo, and that first piece is very tempting. Well done on resisting!
    Have a great time in Seville with Sue. At least the latest delay means she’ll be able to re-enter Britain 🙂


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