Feeling blue

Everybody feels a little blue sometimes, don’t they?  This summerhouse is enough to make your heart sink.  It sits forlornly in the corner of a large and overgrown garden at Loughbrow House in Hexham.  It wasn’t always like this but the owner is now aged 92, a proud, upright lady who loves and manages her garden to the best of her ability.  It was opened for charity at the weekend and I’m sure lots of money was made.  A highlight of the garden is the Lutyens inspired rill with grass topped bridges.  Here’s a peep.

This week Patti is sharing a surreal shade of beautiful Blue in the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge.


  1. I love the pictures even if it does sadden me as the summer draws to a close but you know there’s another one every year haha! Anyway I see it that you need all four seasons to remind yourself of the greatness of a good summer and we were blessed this summer

    1. That’s a good way to look at it. When you look at what has happened abroad we were extremely blessed this summer. Thanks for your company! 🙂 🙂

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