Feeling blue

Everybody feels a little blue sometimes, don’t they?  This summerhouse is enough to make your heart sink.  It sits forlornly in the corner of a large and overgrown garden at Loughbrow House in Hexham.  It wasn’t always like this but the owner is now aged 92, a proud, upright lady who loves and manages her garden to the best of her ability.  It was opened for charity at the weekend and I’m sure lots of money was made.  A highlight of the garden is the Lutyens inspired rill with grass topped bridges.  Here’s a peep.

This week Patti is sharing a surreal shade of beautiful Blue in the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge.


  1. I love the composition with the sun rays shining hope on the sad little blue house. Many a good photo here. Especially love the close-ups of the garden angel. I hope the charity was successful

    1. The big house is her home though I suspect she only lives in a fraction of it. It was a B&B at one time. She had an army of helpers at the Open Day so she’s not short of friends I’m glad to say x

  2. I love that little summerhouse! I think I’d like to take a large stack of books, a couple bottles of wine and just “hole away” for a bit. I have a bad case of “heat fatigue” and that’s brought on a mild malaise…I have NOTHING to complain about. I could just use a little hibernation. 🙂

    1. I was approaching that condition here in England, for the first time I can remember, when the heat was at its peak last month, Debbie. Totally enervated! It’s not a nice feeling, but here it doesn’t last. We’re decidedly fresh again and back to 16/17C, so I might take a flask of something hot to the summerhouse and join you. 🙂 🙂

  3. A delightful garden Jo, and the summerhouse? – dilapidated but delightful, probably holds a lot of memories, and I think if it was done up to pristine condition it would lose its charm 😦

  4. I imagine the forlorn looking walls of that summerhouse hold some enchanting memories. What a gorgeous garden and a remarkable woman. Thanks for sharing Jo. 🌿🌸 Hope you’re well. x

  5. I rather like the overgrown look and the wonky shed. 🙂 So romantic. I can imagine using it as warm weather painting studio. The gardens look like a lovely place to visit.

      1. Hmm well, if you are blue might as well make it that lovely shade 😛 But I hope the feeling takes flight soon. I am good, Jo, thanks for asking. Excited about an upcoming weekend trip. Even though it be short, it should revive the senses. Since we are in the middle of August, are you not shifting base soon? xx

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