A sad story?

Up a flight of cobbled steps, on the corner of a tiny square, stands one of the most bedraggled, unloved houses in Tavira.  In a town where every other street has a ‘do-er upper’ – part of it’s charm – this one is nothing uncommon.  Often I look at a ruin and think, ‘that would make a great little home’, and pass right on by.  But this lost soul always stops me in my tracks.

I first saw it a dozen years ago, when I’d been puffing up and down hills, exploring Tavira’s delightful back streets.  It looked the perfect size.  And maybe I could have a tiny roof terrace where I could closet myself away, and peer down at the occasional passer by.  And then, one Christmas time, I saw the little square decked in all its finery.  What wonderful neighbours I could have!

But the years have rolled by, and I haven’t claimed it as mine.  Time hasn’t been kind and now I can see inside to the wooden ceiling.  Weeds sprout from the roof and gutters.  And still I’m tempted!  Why hasn’t it been snapped up?  Did I mention the steep, cobbled steps?  How would I ever get the shopping home as I get older and dothery?

It’s not as though there aren’t plenty of others to feel sorry for.  Spare a kind thought for these.

Why am I sharing these today?  Well, I thought I’d cheer up my old buddy, Sue.  She loves nothing more than a good ruin.  And Paula’s back with Pick a Word in another engaging Thursday’s Special.  I chose Remains and Non-Human to illustrate.


    1. We were doing a few gentle explorations close by that last ruin, and there were several of them in a paddock. I was pleased with this one too, and I know Paula loves animals. Thanks, darlin!


  1. You know I always feel sorry for ruins and houses left to fall apart. There were a few in Tavira I’d have liked to rescue. I still think you shepherds huts in the hills would make lovely camp stops.
    You probably guessed I’m all behind this week, and then I went to Hampshire yesterday, so I’m still trying to catch up .Hope you’re not frozen, have a lovely week and a Devon hug darling Gxx

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    1. I gathered it was a busy one, Gilly. 🙂 🙂 Was that your Christmas visit to Hampshire or will you see them again over the holiday? It actually turned mildish (9C- woo hoo!) today and we were out and about with reindeer. Thanks, darlin. Sending a Yorkshire hug back. (they’re warmer than the Durham ones 🙂 )


      1. They will probably be down between Christmas and New Year 🙂 We saw the reindeer yesterday 🙂 Glad it’s warmer even if you do like the white stuff! All hugs welcome ❤


  2. The thoughtless wayfarer passes a ruin without noticing it. Artists and storytellers tend to find something to photograph or sketch or remark on. In my area, a favorite subject to photograph is old abandoned barns.

    I wonder who left behind the ruins in your photos and why. What did they look like in better days?

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  3. Maybe they (whoever they are) are ready to give it away to anyone brave (or desperate) enough to take it on. I guess you will be doing some serious house hunting next year Jo. How exciting. I used to sell Real Estate in NZ and love looking around houses. I can just imagine how the advert would run for these faded and forlorn beauties. There would certainly be no mention of steep streets!!! I often despair when I see houses around here sold then knocked down to build a new “MacMansion”. To me they are perfectly ok and only about 50 years old… Oh and I have to mention how I love the photo of that beautiful horse

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    1. The horse was in a field close to that last ruin, Pauline, and I knew Paula would love it. 🙂 🙂 We do already have a home in the Algarve so we won’t need to go looking, but we will have to do something with the UK one. 🙂

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    1. There are lots of them in the small villages out in tthe countryside, Sam, where people are no longer able to farm. But the towns have their share of ruins too. People usually want new, but there are always renovations going on throughout the Algarve. I’d love somebody to do up my little house, because I’ll never persuade Mick to take it on. 🙂 🙂

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      1. I can imagine Jo, people are leaving family farms and small towns everywhere in order to find work. So sad. I love the history behind some of these properties, those houses have seen so much – if only walls could talk 🙂

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  4. What an unexpected post from you, my dear Jo – almost a love song to ruins. And you’ve been keeping this propensity secret for 12 years? Lovingly photographed too. Have a joyful weekend, and find a hug or two hidden wherever you go. (I know it’s only your Thursday!)

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    1. I knew at the outset that it was never going to happen Meg. I have photos of it down the years but I never imagined it would still be unsold. I would love to wake up there one morning but I need someone to renovate it first. Thank you for the hugs. XX


  5. The thought of steep and cobbled streets put me off, otherwise… no, what am I saying, the OH would never go for something like that and to be truthful if it hasn’t sold in 12 years I wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole. Curious to know the price though if you are passing by 🙂

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