Windows on my world

If you’ve ever flown in there, you’ll recognise this approach to Pisa airport.  It was my gateway to Florence, a city I’d always wanted to visit.  Once in a while I get a nice shot from a plane window.  The city was so much more than I expected and I went around with jaw dangling.  I wrote about Florence on my return until I could feel my readers dosing off, and simply had to stop.  It all came bubbling back when my lovely friend Gilly posted Santa Maria Novella.

I stayed just around the corner and walked past it numerous times, as did Gilly.  I had read of cloisters and frescoes and knew that I simply had to squeeze a visit in.  The interior entirely belied first impressions, and I wish I could have lingered.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The shots in the cloisters are understandably faded but maybe you can get an impression of their glory.  I scaled the heights and did everything I conceivably could in the short time I had in Florence.  And still there was more to see.

It’s all there!  Old, new and ever pleasing to the eyes.  Each and every window revealed more splendour.

The camera came home dying of exhaustion but I have never felt more alive.  The old mercado had been similarly reinvigorated, with a top floor full of exciting dining options.  I hardly knew which way to look.

I have to thank both Gilly and Michelle at the Daily Post for giving me this opportunity to look back through some wonderful windows.


    1. I had to dig back on the memory stick, Rosemay! It seems so long ago and yet just the other day. I still have an image of Florence as my background on the laptop. 🙂 🙂

  1. You can never show too many photos of Florence – these were a perfect start to my day! So beautiful and ethereal … a place you never want to leave. Yikes, the first photo from the plane had me holding onto my seat, stunning but I got a bit of vertigo! 😀😀

  2. I love the joy of reliving a trip when reviewing photos. Wonderful to have these memories of a beautiful spot. As I think I mentioned we have only passed through Florence. You have me convinced its definitely worth a stop.

  3. Thank you for a visit to a city I’ll probably never see. Those golden stone walls though the window to the indows particularly lighted me, as did the slideshow of the frescoes. As always your lead shot is a winner. Hope you’ve got a pleasant weekend planned. No skyping for me – the mob are weekending away. But I,m surrounded by my men – 4 including the dog! – so I’m not family-deprived. Squawky-bird hugs

    1. Hi lovely lady! 🙂 🙂 I’ve reverted to childhood this evening and am playing in a cartoon world. A quietish weekend here- Mick has gout, or some such affliction, and is hobbling around. It’s the 1 year anniversary of Dad’s death on Monday and I suggested a family get together, so that’s happening on Sunday Just a pub lunch but Dad will be there in spirit. Enjoy your men 🙂 🙂

  4. quando si parla di Pisa …il cuore batte più forte, ed è quello che provo ogni volta che arrivo dall’alto riconoscendo un panorama amorevolmente unico! bellissimi i particolari della magica Firenze
    mi fa piacere salutarti con un grosso bacio, cara
    ciao bella

  5. I can only imagine how magnificent it must have been to look through all those windows!
    And to have stood in the cloisters and marvelled at the frescos in situ, goodness! that must have been a spiritual experience!

    1. I have never been surrounded by such beauty. I was just lost in an article on Florence by an excellent writer, Mari Nicholson. The whole medieval world comes alive before your eyes. 🙂 🙂

  6. I’m glad you used the word “splendour” to describe the magnificence of the various views! That’s such an accurate portrayal, Jo. I have a feeling one could never spend TOO much time in Florence. 🙂

  7. ” I have never felt more alive.” – That’s a great testimonial, as are those images… I often ponder how very young the Americas are – our trees and ancient sites make poor equals – when compared to places like this one… The images are beautiful on a computer screen, and they must be to the 100th power – or the 1000th – when seen in person.

  8. Ahh thanks darling, I have to confess we didn’t go inside. We kind of left it for an day when we weren’t planning much and by the time that day came we were all churched and fresco’d out! If I do get to go again I’ll stay in the same hotel and definitely visit. I’m desperately trying to find time to post before I forget what’s where in my photos, but I’m shattered and even on Saturday I’m at Goose Fair for the day – oh poor me! Wasn’t the market food floor brilliant, something for everyone, we went three times! I do recognise the Pisa approach, I didn’t have a window seat though so was craning my neck and no sky views 😦
    I read about ryanair cancelling flights to Faro, it looked like the route you’d take? Got to go sleep now so I’ll love you and leave you Gx

    1. Bless you hon, you sound shattered. We only squeezed in half hour on our last day, after our Pisa visit. 🙂 🙂 We are fortunately flying with Monarch this trip but both James and Lisa are booked to come out and see us and they’re on Ryanair so I’m keeping fingers and all else crossed.

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