What gives you satisfaction?

Ah, but that’s an easy question!  For me, it’s wandering the streets of Tavira in the Eastern Algarve, and discovering another of its many treasures. Poking around in the side streets, where I might find an entrancing azulejo panel.  Turning a corner to find a church unexpectedly open, laying bare its lovely contents.  Observing beautiful shadows against a crisp white wall, and night time dramatics in a dimly lit square.

Or it’s finding exciting new ventures, like Bau de Barro.  Local artist Vanessa Goncalves has retained the original structure of this former grocery store, and crammed it full of original artwork and sculptures made in Tavira and the Algarve.  It’s easy to find, right by the old mercado on the riverside.

While just across Ponte Romana, Violeta designs and makes original clothes in a tiny shop on Rua 5 de Outubro.  Cor de Violeta (the colour violet) also has hand painted wooden jewellery by locally born artist Beluska and a lovely range of shoes.

I’ve never seen a more satisfied expression than when my husband has cleared his plate of pavlova in Bica’s restaurant.  Satisfaction takes on a whole new meaning! (and just occasionally he’ll let me share)  Me, I’m happy with a few paper flowers.

Over to you!



  1. Satisfaction can be easily found in any small artistic piece of my work such as nice photo or video clip…it always make me feel great!


  2. Thanks, Jo! I so enjoyed this quick escape, even if it was only in my imagination. For those of us who are restless travelers, it’s wonderful to see through someone else’s eyes from thousands of miles away.


    1. Imagine a mighty crocodile of bloggers! Wouldn’t that be fun? Except we’d be too busy nattering to get anywhere! 🙂 🙂 Never mind, I know a nice cafe or two. You’d be so welcome, Sue!

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  3. Jo, was this your post …. so sorry, I was just flicking through the entries .. and this was one of the entries I really loved the images, but I didn’t do any reading.


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