Looking east in the Algarve

Branching wistfully

eastwards.  Tortured by the breeze.

Always in motion

I did say I was leaving my Algarve behind, but you can probably see why it’s hard to do so.  For Paula’s Pick a word in June  I am illustrating Branching and Continual.  For Gilly, a little haiku, because I miss her.  Thursday’s Special, isn’t it?


    1. No, it’s the same one, Gilly, but I’ve been using an enhancement feature on the laptop that sharpens them up a bit and you can play if you want. 🙂 🙂

  1. Love your foray into a different kind of image, Jo…brilliant! And nice to see the haiku, too. I was reading a couple of my poems to a friend the other day (haven’t written any for a few years now) and she is telling me I need to start again! Well, it’s good to get out of our rut, isn’t it?

  2. Thank you for choosing photographs that take me to the heart and essence of these wonderful places. Looking forward to catching up on your walks. Happy June.

  3. Wow, the top photograph is stunning, ethereal, surreal…I’ve just sat and looked at it for ages, absorbed into it somehow! Beautiful writing too, one moment ‘wistfully’, next ‘tortured by the breeze’. Wonderfully evocative. Farewell, Algarve…I hope you’re going back soon.

    1. She always does! 🙂 🙂 I liked the original of that photo but it was a little drab. In black and white, I wrote the haiku, and it looked tortured indeed. Then I ‘lightened up’ 🙂 Thursday hugs! I’m off to hold the tape measure while the other half is busy.

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