My little town

I know!  I know!  I’m not supposed to be blogging but by the time I come back it will be too late to share this with you.  The 5th January is traditionally the last day for Christmas decorations and soon I’ll be off to watch the parade of Kings in Vila Real de S. Antonio.  Meantime I’ve found some lovely crib scenes here in Tavira… my little town.  Where else does the fire station contribute in such style?

That’s all I’ve time for!  Click on the gallery for a closer look.  Blue skies beckon.


  1. We never got to the Tavira presépio this year…looks gorgeous.

    Hope the Algarvian skies are still blue for you, we’re already struggling with our second day of grey. Roll on the end of the week and our return!


    1. The one up at Alferce is beautiful too, and quite different. Yesterday was an incredible day. Today was going to be lazy Sunday but we ended up walking out to Quatro Aguas and then along the beach to Barril! Pitstop and then home again- 9.8 miles in total 😦 Definitely a lazy day tomorrow 🙂

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  2. Ahh this is adorable, those guys must be well in touch with their feminine sides to create it. And now you ‘ve seen a salt crib, such creative people! I’ve got a bike photo on that spot as well. I see you’ve been to the beach, nice temperatures, here we’ve got 10-11 degrees of greyness and each day is a couple of minutes longer. Happy days my lovely and I’ll be cross if you reply to this until at least the middle of the month. Big hugs from G x


  3. I’m so glad you took time to post, even though it demonstrates an addiction I recognise! That fire station model is wonderful: my dad was a fireman. I wish he was still here to share this. Go off and enjoy your sunshine. We’re shaping up for -17°, the coldest I’ve ever been in. Except I won’t be because I’ve got a hacking cough. Maja has chicken pox – and Jaś and J go out, carefree and well, sledding. Enjoy your sunshine and your town, and take some chilly hugs from Warsaw.


    1. Flippin’ heck! That’s cold! I think next time you’ll maybe have to visit from Spring to Autumn, though I know you don’t want to think about next time and all that implies. You’re really not built to withstand cold, Meg. 😦 I still have the cough that Mick bequeathed me just after New year, but it’s responding to sunshine and good living 🙂 🙂
      I did say that my self discipline is non existent. Here I am again this morning, just checking in case Jude and Meg have showed up. 🙂 🙂 Yesterday I saw something really special. A crib scene made entirely of salt. Totally beautiful. I am restraining myself but it will appear in the guise of a walk when I get ‘home’. 🙂 Love you, sweetheart. Take good care of yourself.


      1. My comfort is the fact that preschool is decimated, and when R tried to see someone at her usual practice about Maja’s chicken pox ALL the doctors where off sick. So it’s not only us furriners! I’ll have to try “bequeathed” on J when he next succumbs: “Come on. It’s a legacy. A gift.” We’ve at least been taking it in turns. Next winter, it may be a gathering in Thailand, so we’ll swelter instead. I’m looking forward to the salt crib scene.

        An aside: have you been to the Wieliczka salt mines near Kraków?


      2. When my daughters travelled there when R was 15, F was wildly jealous because R got the best elephant (because she was tall and blond! ) and they cleaned their teeth with depilatory after a wild night. We despatched R to meet F coming from England and she was trapped in Bangladesh when bits fell off her plane. They ended up “bumping into each other in downtown Bangkok.” When R was there again en route to Warsaw by bike, the city was burning. I’ll save an elephant for you – if you’re game to be part of our travelling circus! But it may not happen, if R becomes too homesick for Potato Point.

        Now get back to enjoying the Algarve, burdened by my hugs.

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  4. How jolly nice of your neighbours to share their wi-fi with you. I think the entire cattle station is using mine lately – slow, slow, slow… it has been dismal recently and now it appears WP no longer likes me and is throwing me into the sin bin. Anyway, nice to see you and your lovely town, I could play with those crib scenes for hours as a child. Now off you go and relax.


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