Jo’s Monday walk : Boxing Day Blues


I just know you’re ready for some fresh air and exercise this morning, and you’ve come to exactly the right place.  Grab a scarf and some gloves and we’ll go and dust off those Boxing Day blues.  Nothing finer than a vigorous walk along the north east coast of England.

We’re at Roker, just north of Sunderland, and smiles abound this gem of a morning.  Let’s start by the tall white lighthouse that studs the green.  In Summer this is the focal point for the Sunderland Air Show and breathing space is scarce.  Right now, we can stroll as far as the eye can see.

I’m heading south, but you can choose.  Not too many clouds in the sky this morning, but they can gang up on you when you’re  least expecting. Let’s hop down on the beach and see what we can find.


The stories a pebble could tell!  I look back along the beach, and then ahead, into shadow.



That’s Roker Pier you can see straight ahead.  It looks far distant but it’s no more than a good stride.


The clouds are making the most enchanting reflections on the damp sand.


Just around the corner, a rather strange ‘gateway’ to Roker Park.

Don’t let it put you off.  It’s rather a nice little park, especially when the Roker Lights come to town in September.

In no time at all we’re back on the sea front, and there ahead of us stands proudly curvaceous Roker Pier.

img_5490 Remember I mentioned those sneaky clouds?  Well, just for a few seconds…


…a drop or two of rain plops on the sand.  But it’s gone in a whisper, making me doubt it was even there.  I stroll back in the direction from which I’ve come, smiling at a dog walker, and a lone maiden on a rock.


For a moment I fancy she might just be a mermaid.  That’s what happens when you watch ‘Splash’, the movie, on Christmas TV.  Heading north again, did you spot the selfie on the beach?

There’s a good incentive to carry on around this bay.  On the edge of Whitburn, Latimer’s deli and fish restaurant is a great little spot, looking out to sea.  On a summer day you’ll be fighting to sit out on the sun terrace. Today it’s just that little bit cool, and squeezing inside is more desirable.

The lobster salad was such a good price, and looked delicious.  I modestly settled for a lovely fish chowder. Maybe next time?  I hope you’ll join me.

walking logo

Thanks everyone for spending time with me today, and the whole of the year.  I’ve loved having your company.  I’m going to be missing for a few weeks because next Monday I’ll be on my way to the Algarve.  I have 2 weeks to enjoy, and recharge my batteries.  I don’t blog while I’m away, so the next walk will be posted on 23rd January.  That seems a long way off.  You might have forgotten me by then.  If not, I’ll be open for walks as usual. Details are on my Jo’s Monday walk page.

Let’s enjoy some great walks now, shall we?  I’ll pop the kettle on first.


You can always rely on Anabel for a bite to eat along the way :

A walk round Overtoun Estate

Indra’s in British Columbia, and very beautiful it looks too :

Kelowna…. Nature’s Playground

Sunshine in your eyes?  And the ‘white stuff’, with Drake :

Snow in the eyes

Beautiful architecture as Jude follows in my footsteps, along the river bank :

Norwich Part III : Wensum riverside walk

I know she’d love the fruit and flowers in Lady Lee’s Philippines :

Sonya’s Garden – Urban floral displays

Jackie found lots of ice in Florida.  An unusual, if expensive, treat :

Charlie Brown’s Christmas

Not so chilly at the beach, with Geoff and Dog :

Hag Stones#poems#poetry

And where’s Woolly this week?  Dodging snakes it seems!

Jo’s Monday-Walk-06 Geelong Botanic Gardens 

Denzil always enjoys a breath of fresh air and a stretch of the legs :

Walking around Wonck

I’m quite jealous that Sophie managed to get onto these walls :

The walk on the wall of Pisa

And I’m determined to get to Cornwall next year for these scones.  Thanks, Carol!

The End

Have you come across the London Wlogger?  The lady features very informative London walks :

King’s Cross to Hampstead Heath : Unlocking London’s beauty

Finishing with a little piece of leftover Christmas magic from Drake :

Dreaming about so much

And closer to home- you’ll like this, Jude!- Jaspa shares some Cornish lights :

Mousehole Harbour Christmas Lights

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  I’ll be around till the New Year, walking of course, if the opportunity arises.  Make the most of your relaxed time, before we dive into 2017.


  1. A bit late for a Boxing Day Walk Jo but have got here in the end! Another lovely walk – looks a beautiful crisp day as long as you’re well rugged up! The seafood chowder looks delicious! Hope you’re having a relaxing time in the Algarve and thanks for another year of wonderful walks. Happy walking for 2017! xx

    1. I think we’ve managed 1 and a half relax days so far, and for me that’s not bad going, Rosemay. 🙂 Out walking with the group this morning and I’m told it’s strenuous… 😦 Always lovely to have you here, no matter when.

  2. What a glorious day you had on Boxing Day . . .nearly as blue as the Algarvian skies we had 😉 That fish chowder looks scrumptious and your walk was much more splendid and energetic than ours. We only walked around a friend’s market garden and ate an enormous lunch with their neighbours, doctor, friends and family. Looking forward to seeing you next week . . we will try and hold on to the lovely weather for you both!

  3. I know this walk very well, having a relative who lives opposite Roker Park. Particularly like it ehen the waves are crashing over the sea wall (but standing well back!)

  4. Wow, magnificent pictures of sea, my perfect place, I wish I could live there, that’s all I need! Thank you, dear Jo, for sharing with us your beautiful walks, we are so lucky to be there with you! Enjoy your Algrave journey and relax well, see you next year! Happy New Year!

  5. I see you are still up to the usual, RJo! What a glorious winter walk. I’ll be catching up on your last several walks while you vacation (have a wonderful time.) And, by the time you return, I hope to join the fun again with a walk from central California. Cheers – Susan

    1. Susan! 🙂 🙂 I’m overjoyed to see you here. I’ve missed you, and several times thought that I would come hunting for you. I never did get to see your impressions of Portugal. Hope you had a joyful Christmas and that 2017 is kind to you.

      1. RJo – Here’s a link to store in your archives for your next RJo Monday walk post. It’s a bit macabre (MWWWWA-Ah-Ah), but a good way to end this crazy year. Hugs to you in Portugal, Susan

    1. The town is nothing special, Gerry, but the riverside and the beach have a certain pull. 🙂 Hope you had a good Christmas. Very best wishes to you for fast approaching 2017.

  6. I look up at the blue sky and I can feel the cool sea breeze on this walk. Lighthouses, piers and reflecting clouds. What more do you want? Warmer weather, perhaps? How about a vacation to the Algarve? You read my mind, Jo. Have fun over there and enjoy your break. Thanks for teaching me a new word as well: curvaceous!

    1. That pier totally is! Curvaceous 🙂 🙂 On a coastline of great piers. It’s down to 2C this morning. Think I might wait for it to warm up a bit before I venture out. Best wishes for 2017, Liesbet!

  7. Yeah “You might have forgotten me by then”.!
    No way… 😀

    What a wonderful walk, excellent captured – the Sunderland area is unknown to me – the nearby Newcastle, I have visited – so it’s my own mistake.

    1. It wasn’t very cold, Carol, but temperatures have dropped to 5/6C today and are set to go lower. I need to escape to the Algarve quick! 🙂 Thanks, darlin. Here’s to a fabulous 2017!

      1. Yes all good here thank you. I seem to have a loose tooth which is scary and getting in the way of my Christmas goodies but otherwise we’re having a lovely time. Trying not to think about going back to work on Jan 3!!

      1. Oh, right! Silly me…. Yes, I’ve had a lovely Christmas Day and Boxing Day with friends – plenty of catching up to do over good food and wine. And you?

  8. Wow this is quick! Or was this walk not today? Whenever it was it looks beautiful in the sunshine and I wouldn’t have hated joining you for the lobster thermidor for lunch. That was my favourite meal out in SA. Yesterday it was typical Cornish mizzle, today brightened up nicely in the afternoon and not even much wind except on the cliff top. I’m feeling charged up for some new walks next year.

    1. Good lass! 🙂 🙂 Not today! The weather’s like a yo-yo! This was last Thursday and it was very pleasant. Brass monkeys today. I didn’t stay out long. Been on the mince pies and white port 🙂

  9. Hi Jo, hope you had a great Christmas
    What a wonderful walk – fantastic blues, whites and reflections. Had to hunt for the selfie. At first I feared it was the Orange-faced shot! 😉
    Have a great break. Won’t be that easy to forget you! So no worries there.

  10. Lovely walk! And is that a dog with you in the “selfie” or have I got the wrong photo? We had a lovely walk along the seafront with our two little dogs this morning and it seemed that all the other dog owners of Bexhill were there too…great fun!

    1. There was a Boxing Day dip at the beach today. Perishing! (no, I didn’t 🙂 ) The selfie is just a shadow shot, Tanya. Health and happiness for 2017! When are you back to Spain?

      1. Definitely too cold for swimming! Probably back to Spain in February for a couple of months. Workibg on the house in Bexhill right now and want to get as much done as possible before we head off.

    1. Definitely feeling the nip of Winter today, Meg. It was 6C on the beach this morning and the Boxing Day dippers were getting set to plunge in. I kept right on walking! Indulging in white port and mince pies this afternoon. There’s plenty to share, along with the hugs 🙂 🙂

  11. I should try a selfie like that, it would make me look tiny! I love this coastline, fabulous blue sky, it must be great for sunrise shots, how far is it from home, fifteen miles? I’m really craving a beach stroll, it’s been ages, life’s been too busy lately. Hope you’re chilling today my lovely x:-)x

    1. Yes, a little over 15, Gilly 🙂 I was at the local beach just briefly this morning but it was perishing! 6C for the Boxing Day dip. There were heaps of folks there but I didn’t linger. Did you have a good Christmas Day? I assume you’re off all week? Mick’s going to the match this afternoon and I might just curl up with the white port and a mince pie. Come on over 🙂 Hugs, darlin.

  12. Beautiful walk, Jo! I always love the bright blue sky and light house shots. “Forget you”…no chance of that! Enjoy your much deserved time off at the Algarve. No doubt you’ll come back with lovely photos. Stay safe! xo

    1. I do have a few walks planned over there, Jill, and some lazy time too. I’m looking forward to it. So changeable here, and really cold today (but bright 🙂 ) Did you have a lovely Christmas?

  13. Being thoroughly lazy after a somewhat indulgent Christmas Day with both food and drink. I know I should get dressed and go out for a walk but I am vicariously sharing yours and hope that will suffice! I may pluck up the energy later on to don wallking shoes and coat – I prefer noon anyway for walking, not good for pictures but a great time to be out and about as the serious ones have gone home and the after lunch strollers are not yet in action, so the beaches are empty. Today we have sunshine and are promised no gales or rain – the Isle of Wight can sometimes be a blessed place to live. When you return on the 23rd I shall be getting ready to fly to Dubai for a few days, enroute to Thailand. Walking in Dubai will be OK but I fear the heat in Thailand limits me to walking along a beach when a breeze is blowing, but I join a Tai Chai class every morning at 6.30 on the sands to get the juices flowing.

    1. The Boxing Day dippers were on ours this morning. 6C! I did not envy them. Much sooner come and do tai chi with you 🙂 🙂 Best wishes for 2017, Maris, and thanks for your good company.

  14. Hi Jo
    Laughing at watching “Splash” on Xmas – but good choice!
    And such a nice capture of this Lone maiden….
    A very contented mood is imbued –
    And hey – drying of one’s mermaid body must take time.
    Thanks for a lovely walk and have fun in the algarve

    1. She was sublimely indifferent, Yvette. Just as well she didn’t know I’d dubbed her a mermaid. Must have been a good book she was reading 🙂 Looking forward to my Algarve time. Sending hugs and good wishes your way 🙂 🙂

  15. Jo loved your walk. Happy New Year and enjoy your vacation time. I am stuck here getting my house painted as a British friend said ‘by my army of little men’.
    A pointer…..Kelowna is in British Columbia and Banff is Alberta

  16. Oh no, my eating habits outed 😉 ! Back in my childhood haunts – we lived right opposite Roker Park and spent many happy hours in it and on Roker beach. I should maybe do a post about it someday – I scanned a lot of old photos for my mum’s blog. Anyway, hope you are having a lovely Christmas and enjoy your break.

    1. Nice memories, Anabel 🙂 When were you last down this way? They’ve done not a bad job on smartening it up 🙂 It would be nice to see those ‘olden days’. Hope you had a good Christmas, and thanks for your company this year. 🙂

      1. I think about we lasted walked along Roker seafront about 2008. It had certainly changed a lot then! We had a lovely Christmas thanks, hope you did too. Looking forward to the weather improving this week so we can get out a bit more.

  17. Cracking weather you have there. I have wondered around there a few times myself in the past when I visited friends in Seaburn, it always looks better when the sun is out.
    Enjoy the Algarve.

      1. Transporting toys from her bedroom down to the living room to set up shop for the day 🙂 Although I hope to get outside to build a snowman before the thaw. Have a great day!

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