Barco Casa – the Boat House


It was purely by chance that I discovered Barco Casa, the Boat House.  A neighbour gave me her copy of the ‘East Algarve Magazine’ and there on the front cover was my ideal of simple perfection on the water.  I read the article, wreathed in smiles, and knew I had to follow it up.  The Boat House is moored off the shoreline of Fuseta, in the unspoilt Eastern Algarve.  The natural park, the Ria Formosa, surrounds the Algarve’s capital, Faro.  It was a simple matter to arrange a viewing.

Tiago met me on the quayside and, with building excitement, I was ferried out into the lagoon.  He patiently and thoroughly answered all my questions as he skippered the boat.  This innovative project is a dream fulfilled for local architect Ricardo Badalo.  He and his team at Passeios Ria Formosa have created a sustainable, eco-friendly, high quality home on the water.  The surroundings are sublime, with a 360 degree view on this natural marine world.

Take a look at the promotional photo gallery.  Imagine waking to watch the sun creep towards you across the water, and sunsets sitting on the sun deck, cradling your glass of wine.  Perfect peace and calm, and a retreat from the clamouring world.  A breakfast of fresh local fruits and pastries and the day is your own.  Take the rowing boat across to the ilha and laze or swim. Snorkeling equipment is provided, for these waters are rich in sea life.  A water taxi can take you ashore, if you want to venture further afield.

The Ria Formosa has been a protected natural park since 1987, with the aim of preserving the lagoon system.  There is a huge diversity of flora and fauna, including the largest community of seahorses in the world.  The area comprises 5 barrier islands and 2 peninsulas, the salt marsh and lagoon areas connected with a dense network of water channels.  It has to be seen to be believed, and I’ve yet to discover a better way to observe it than from the Barco Casa.

You can make this a purely self catering experience, or opt to employ the services of a trained chef to add that touch of luxury. Tiago, who is passionate about the project, was formerly a chef in Lisbon, and can provide everything from oysters and champagne on the beach to a  simple barbecue, with freshly caught fish.

Be as active or as lazy as you feel inclined.  Ricardo has a keen interest in bird watching and marine biology and the company provide a full range of related tours.  I’ve started to daydream about my romantic getaway.  Maybe you will too.

I’m not given to writing promotional posts.  This is my personal space and I like to keep it that way.  But if I find something that excites me, it’s only natural to share, isn’t it?  Further details can be found on the website


  1. Wow! I knew what Barco Casa means before I even read your blog. I know it’s an easy translation, but still … 🙂 It looks to be like a romantic setting, hmmm …. 😀

    1. It would be too tempting to sail off into the sunset, Meg. Though I don’t think they’d leave the keys around and we’d be bound to get stuck on a sandbar if they did. 🙂 🙂 My idea of heaven, and even better for the hugs.

    1. It’s silly- I totally love it but I’m not at all confident in or around the water. I’d just lie there and gaze, Ann 🙂 And let the sea horses come to me 🙂

    1. It’s wet in Sicily? I believe they have rain in the Algarve too but I haven’t checked. I guess it might not be so good in the rain but a good reason to stay cosy in bed 🙂 🙂 Happy weekend, Annalisa!

      1. ha ha no no!!! It is not rain in Sicily! the Sun is at 30 degrees and still make the bagninel sea! Maybe it’s better if I answer in how to prevent the Sicilians arise against me!
        Even here in Tuscany on time, even though we are in November is very sunny
        Thank you for your good wishes and for the week
        good walks dear Jo

  2. What a lovely place to stay. I think I would happily immerse myself in watching the sea while idling time away, in a meditative sort of way, and then enjoying piece of grilled fish with a glass of chilled wine. 😉

      1. Well that likely won’t do then. I think we have a pretty wide circle of friends here. Perhaps we can make it an outing during the convention. 🙂

      1. great to be back, Jo. yes, I’m okay. thank you. had a huge project for almost 3 months; thankfully completed 10/31 🙂 so very sorry about your Dad. did you get my sympathy message?

  3. The area is perfect for a house boat, it looks divine, but way too expensive for me I’m afraid. Will you give it a go? You’d need at least two nights to make it worthwhile 🙂

      1. If I have to choose between 2 nights accommodation somewhere posh and 7 somewhere ordinary, 7 will always win!
        I’m doing all right, walked a little way again this morning. Then i went shopping, hoping to find some food inspiration, failed though, my choices are limited at the moment. Excitement is a plain bagel with butter and honey! x 🙂 x

      2. A strict diet will be necessary if it is what the consultant thinks, Gilly, and it will be difficult as a veggie, I think? I agree with you on the 7 nights though 🙂 🙂 Hugs, darlin!

  4. I’m surprised they didn’t call it Casa Barco, the other way around. Looks like a unique experience and it is nice that they let you have a look around without staying there. Very similar to being at anchor with your own sailboat in a very beautiful, exciting and unique place. But, without all the work and challenges involved. For your next anniversary, Jo? 🙂

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