Six word Saturday


‘You’ve been framed’ in South Shields!

Another glorious day in the north east of England.  Looking out from the promenade you can see Tynemouth Priory in the distance, caught in the frame.  The Tall Ships have arrived in Blyth, just a little further up the coast.  Exciting times!

Here in the UK it looks like it could be a sunny Bank Holiday weekend.   Have a good one, everybody!  Sharing my six words with Cate and the Daily Post challenge.



  1. Unique sculpture that lets the viewer frame their own scene. Looks like a perfectday for sailing or just wandering about taking in the scene.

      1. Thanks Jo – I bet the lighthouse views were gorgeous. Still working on the pinched nerve in my neck, it’s not been a fun 5 weeks – my husband (bless his heart) said the pain has aged me and made my hair go gray!! I don’t have the heart to tell him that I was already going gray, lol!

      2. Such a shame, Mary, because you enjoy your art work so much. Hopefully physio can ease it for you. Daren’t send hugs in case they’re painful 😦

  2. Hello my lovely, these are perfect, made for the challenge this week. Look at that blue sky, I envy you the tall ships in weather like that, looking forward to your photos. Sounds like you’ve both been making the most of every moment, have a lovely Sunday, restFULL or not! Big Devon hugs coming your way x:-)x

    1. Funny how it sometimes works out, Gilly. I had a totally different 6 words in my head but when the Post challenge went up I did a complete about face. These photos just shouted too loud 🙂 🙂 I hope you’re hanging on to the good weather down there because you’re doing market stalls today, aren’t you? It started raining here last night and is still going strong this morning. So glad I saw the Ships yesterday! Sending bundles of love back to you 🙂 🙂

    1. Fear not, Ad- they will use them 😦 Remember it’s a Bank Holiday here and it always rains! My son normally camps at Leeds Music Festival. He had to work this year so has missed it. He won’t be very sorry when he wakes up this morning. It’s soggy! All my bragging about the weather has caught up with me. I hope they’ve landed somewhere nice and dry. I think it’s mostly an ok forecast 🙂 🙂

  3. Looking forward to our holiday (next) weekend, but haven’t seen the forecast, not that it matters much because — here– the forecast is only slightly accurate, depending on which side of the mountain or where, exactly, in the valley you’re located.

      1. Perfect, but it’ll take a while to blog: it’ll be mainly about food! Just put one jet-lagged daughter to bed after a wonderful day of catching up. She’s very amusing.

      1. Yes, Jo, home again, and feeling pretty under the weather. I’ve posted my first blog about Iceland on my Europe blog. Maybe I could link it to your Monday walk! 🙂 I have to start catching up with the posts I missed while gone. xxx

    1. Just tired, or picked up a bug or something? I’ve been up at Blyth with the Ships all day and I’m wrecked. 🙂 Glad to sit down! Tea’s in the oven. I’ll look for your post after we’ve eaten and before I fall asleep!

      1. Mike got sick first, then I followed shortly after, with a bad cold. I though I’d recovered, but my cough has persisted and now I feel it in my chest. Ugh. We always seem to be weather-challenged on our holidays. Can’t wait to see about Blyth with the Ships! Relax and put your feet up. 🙂

  4. Well composed, well framed. As Elaine said, those two people fit right in the circle. Great timing with the camera 😀 It does look like good weather there in north east of England, and summer looks like it doesn’t want to leave you 😉 Hope you enjoy the sunshine and warmth.

    1. It’s been another fabulous day again today, Mabel. I’m starting to wonder if I’ve accidentally moved to another country! I was quite lucky with the shots. I do love it when people walk at the right speed 🙂

  5. Andy Taylor from the former band “Duran Duran” was born and raised there as son of a local fisherman from Tynemouth – Charles Dickens enjoyed visiting Tynemouth area many times according to the collection of his published letters – wonder if the “Dolphin” still be worth visting for some great food add an ale.?

    Very well captured… 🙂

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