Jo’s Monday walk : Canalside in Skipton


What drew me to Skipton, in the Yorkshire Dales, for our wedding anniversary?  Heaven knows, I’m no cricket fan (sorry, Freddie!)   Why boats, of course!  This little market town is at the heart of a network of canals where I could walk the towpaths to infinity. (well, Liverpool is 99 miles away- that’s infinity to my husband’s way of thinking, but then he’s a cricket lover)

Skipton sits on the River Aire and the Leeds-Liverpool canal.  Perfect for walking.  York is a mere 38 miles away.  Is that too ambitious?  It was only an overnight stay, so boundaries would definitely have to be set.


In any case, the canal basin seemed like a good place to start.  I had an ancient town guide to hand and one of its recommends was a walk along Springs Canal.  This takes you around the back of Skipton Castle and promises fine views.  Unfortunately it was dull, verging on damp, at the time so my photos are much less splendid than I would have liked.

Continuing past an old sawmill, the walk weaves through Skipton Woods, a leafy stroll, and a favoured promenade since Victorian times.  It’s an atmospheric place, yet busy with dog walkers.  A circuit takes you past the Round Dam and parallel to the Long Dam, before climbing steps to follow the top edge of the wood, back into town via The Bailey.

At this point you might want to visit Skipton Castle.  Dating back to 1090, it is a wonderfully preserved Medieval castle, with an early Tudor courtyard.  I’ve visited the castle before, but not the neighbouring 14th century Holy Trinity Church.



Emerging onto the High Street, I found the market in full swing.  I hadn’t come to shop, but there was ample opportunity and I enjoyed the lively atmosphere.  More to my taste, the ‘ginnels’ and narrow alleyways linking many of the side streets.  I couldn’t resist a few brollies for Meg, but then it was time to eat.  And just to prove that I don’t only eat cake…

A saunter down delightfully cobbled Sheep Street offers plenty of choices.  The Three Sheep Tea Rooms has remarkably fine cake, and I can vouch for the pear and apple chutney.  Even though I managed to squidge some down my white trousers!  Time to get back to the canals.


The day was brightening beautifully, and I crossed over Belmont Bridge to join the towpath of the Leeds-Liverpool canal.  Few things delight my heart more than a narrowboat.  Wreathed in smiles I set off, reveling in such beautiful surroundings.

There are all manner of diversions along the way.  Curious wildlife inspect the prowess of the boat crews.  “Hold steady while I take this selfie!”  “Watch out for those cows!”  Just when all is going smoothly, lock gates present a challenge.


So much to love!  Smiling faces on board, and on the towpath.  Boat names.  Pretty gardens to admire.  A slow, peaceful way of life.


All too soon I have to return to the canal basin, for one last linger.  Watching the canal boats depart for their half hour trips, I strike up a conversation with a couple, over a drink outside The Boat House.  They used to own a barge in Belgium, and are as enamoured with the narrowboats as I am. It obviously suited Freddie Trueman too.  He made his home in The Dales and the dynamic statue by Graham Ibbetson is a fine tribute.


I hope you’ve enjoyed sharing my anniversary walk with me.  It’s been a pleasure to take you along.  Time now for my second cup of coffee!

walking logo

Many thanks to you all again for sharing and caring this week.  The weather’s been great and I’ve barely been indoors.  Got to make the most, don’t you?  I have some wonderful walks to share.  If you’d like to join in any time, it’s pretty easy.  Just click on the logo or take a look at my Jo’s Monday walk page.  You’ll be very welcome.


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That’s it for another week.  It’s a Bank Holiday next Monday and I don’t hold out much hope for the weather.  I’ll still be here though. And smiling! Take care till then.




  1. Thank you for showing us round Skipton – I can see why people love it so much. Next time I am passing, I’ll have to stay longer, and go further than the main street. 🙂 Actually, now I think about it, Skipton might be where our friends, who lived near Keighley at the time, took us for fish and chips, which we ate out of the wrappers while we sat on a bench at the side of the canal.


  2. What a lovely place to visit for an anniversary trip. So many spots of interest that add a little whimsy…the tea pot and the umbrellas, to name just a couple! I can see how you’d be thoroughly happy on this walk, Jo!


    1. Thanks for making time to visit, Paula, and the good wishes. We had a lovely weekend. This one’s going to be busy too, with a visit to our son in Leeds and the Tall Ships are up the coast at Blyth. Spent today peeling apples and ironing. Got to be a domestic goddess just occasionally 🙂


  3. Do you know I don’t think I have ever been to Skipton, or if I did it was so long ago I forget. It does remind me a little of Ellesmere in Shropshire, but that’s because of the canal, not the splendid church. And really I do not understand why you don’t buy a narrow boat. I can just see you and Mick as the next Prue and Tim 🙂


    1. Funny, Lisa said something similar on the phone last night. 🙂 Did you see them in Venice? I want to grow old like that 🙂 🙂 Got Amsterdam saved for the ironing because it’s wet this morning. Mick will be so glad because I walked his legs off yesterday.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well he does happen to be the chauffeur too. If he didn’t walk he’d have to sit in the car till I found my way back. And he’s the one with the sense of direction 🙂 I think he sometimes regrets it. He chose our destination- a real rarity!- yesterday and took us back to his Dad’s home town, South Shields. Fabulous walk down the coast to Souter, lighthouse to lighthouse, and he was on his knees when we finished. 🙂 I’m sure he did a rain dance for today.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. best wishes, Jo and what a wonderful way to celebrate your anniversary. such a charming place! the altar piece of the Holy Trinity Church is just beautiful! great photos as always! thanks! 🙂


  5. Such a delightful way to celebrate your anniversary, Jo. I might have guessed that there would be boats and water involved. I’ve never been to Skipton, so thanks for the virtual tour. Love the Ice Cream Tug Boat. That would have definitely tugged at my taste buds. 🙂


  6. Happy Anniversary to you both! I love the narrow canal boats and have been considering to hire one for a week to leisurely enjoy a trip around some of the British waterways. Your walk was lovely and I enjoyed your photos😄


  7. The moment you mentioned Tudor courtyard, I go jealous. Sorry, love the enormity but the sculpture looks awful looking. 🙂 No form or anything. He looks like an old man playing sport. Oops. 🙂


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