1. Autumn colours. A lot of the perennials here are finished, but the blackberry is full of fruit, my sweet-peas have finally flowered and are gorgeous! I picked a bunch to bring indoors – all pastel pinks and white. Love the smell. I am a little frustrated that I haven’t been out exploring much, I shall do more next year I hope. And this is a beautiful macro image Jo, you should do more macros and I hope you’ll have some portraits for me in September. Unusual flowers like this one would be good. I love discovering new flowers.

    1. Lots of blackberries in the hedges here! Dicky tummy time 🙂 🙂 Love sweet peas! Oh, heck- true confessions time. After telling Meg I don’t edit I discovered that Windows 10’s photo edit is very easy and quite effective. I’m afraid I may be becoming addicted. Just a little tweak here and there! I’ve been using it off and on for the last week. I so prided myself on not, too 😦 😦

      1. I’ve just spent a small fortune of tulip bulbs so I’ll have to wait until next year now. Although…. October is a good month to plant perennials and there is a good nursery not far away that specialises in perennials for this area. I might have to have a peek.

      2. I do! But I have gone for pink and white for the front and yellows, oranges and ambers for the back which are a change for me. Haven’t had any for a couple of years and I missed my pots of tulips this year. I also want to plant some in the borders and hope they naturalise.

      3. So much excitement! I was thinking the other day how contented you seem with life these days. Our back garden is lemons, oranges and reds at the moment but it’s all starting to die back 😦

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