Just one more… or is it two?


So little time this week, but how can you resist late April snow on an Amelanchier?  I just had to tiptoe across the garden in my ‘jamas.  Barely ten minutes later the sun was had melted most of it away.  Was I imagining things?


No more macros from me.  I’m catching a plane early tomorrow.  But you might squeeze one in?  Jude would love it if you could.

I ought to disable comments but by the time I work out how to, it’ll be tomorrow, so please excuse me if I don’t reply.  Bye for now!  See you in 2 weeks.  Stay well!


  1. Just popped over to see if you’re back yet Jo…and see you’re heading home today/tomorrow? I hope you had a wonderful time…and how beautiful are these photos? We had snow in London on Tuesday…brief, but there it was! Sending love & hugs for happy, safe travels and a lovely weekend. I’m in and out of blogging, but will keep in touch!! xx

    1. Thanks darlin! I looked for you the other day. In Poland for 2 weeks so keeping up as and when I can. Hope the revision is going well Sherri and most of all for good health all round xxx

      1. Ahh…thanks so much Jo! Something will pop up eventually, ha! Have a wonderful time…I got that wrong then about you returning home today or tomorrow! Got my middle boy home this weekend, eldest son last weekend, so not complaining 🙂 And I’m working on those revisions…! Love & hugs lovely lady…enjoy! ❤ xx

  2. Beautiful photos Jo, although I had to Google Amelanchier. Am getting an education in botany today….first Gilly’s strange red plant and now this! Happy times in Poland 🙂

  3. Amelanchier is a beauty and thank you for capturing it in the snow. Hope there is no snow where you go this week. Have fun and see you in mid May 🙂

      1. Thanks darlin! Dad is snoozing over the snooker and I’m contemplating a short wander in case I join him. 3.30 this morning seems a long time ago x

  4. ooo this is so cool (no pun intended)- no reply needed – but this was a refreshing post to say the least – a nice hello – but the image of you sneaking out before the sun dried it up – just nice.
    have a nice break and when you get back I have a couple walks for you peek at – but not hurry – see you in May (or June) xoxo
    have fun restless one

    1. I scheduled the next walk for May 9th Yvette and don’t have a way to link to you from Poland. I’m not very clever with my phone but I appreciate the thought xxx

  5. Have a nice time in Poland. Hope the snow will stay away there! Wishing you blue skies, a wonderful time and great memories and experiences to blog about! 🙂

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