Drama on the streets


I”m so pleased to see that the subject of this week’s Thursday’s Special is Urban Art.  Wandering through the back streets of Faro a few weeks ago, I came upon this down-at-heel, ramshackle building.  It stopped me in my tracks. I’ve been wanting to share it ever since.


It’s a total jewel, transforming the corner of a drab street.  I hope Paula likes it.  I love a bit of drama.  Don’t you?


    1. It’s wonderful, isn’t it? Makes me want to burst into song, Cathy, tho’ I’m not sure which song 🙂 I’m sure it’s a reference to a Picasso or Dali? Must Google it when I’ve a minute. Been jaunting out and about all day. Did you finally decide what to do?

    1. I hate street scribble, Jude! Now you’re a knowledgeable lady! Tell me what that first lady references? Is it a Picasso I have in my head, that she’s based on? Wonderfully clever story telling, isn’t it? How’s it going? Reached put your feet up time again or back to Cornwall this weekend?

    2. No, I don’t think so, Jude, but thanks. Been jaunting about with Michael all day- part work, part play. I have the street address so I’ll Google it and find out about the artist if I can. Thanks a lot, hon. 🙂

  1. molti artisti potrebbero avere un livello molto più alto che di quello che a loro riserba la vita, ma è il mistero dell’arte
    la prima immagine mi ha profondamente toccata
    un bacio

    1. Yes, I’ve featured Olhao before. 🙂 It does keep being added to. If you head from the railway station, east on Avenida da Republica, its at the junction of R. Ventura Coelho and Travessa Jose Coelho. We found it whilst wandering through the pedestrianised streets towards the Carmo church. It’s a great area for dilapidation and ‘character’. 🙂

  2. Oh yes, some great drama there. i love your first shot – a striking face and you have captured the texture of the wall and paint so well. We seem to like the depiction of female faces in large scale!

  3. That is such wonderful art on the building. Very eye catching, not to mention colourful. It looks as if the roses are blending with sky or sea, and all around happy creatures and people play. But the woman in the first photo looks rather pensive. Wonder what’s the story behind all of this. As Paula said, it could have something to do with love 🙂

    1. I suppose if I dig about a bit in Google I might find some references to the back story, Mabel, but I don’t really have time. I’m happy just to use my imagination for the moment. Hope you’re having a good week? Many thanks for your visit. 🙂

      1. Me too. Imagination is always good, and sometimes, imagination is preferable over reality 🙂 It has been a busy week. Always like dropping by to see where you’ve been, Jo. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  4. Great images to brighten a drab building. You could sit and analyze a meaning from all the different elements — roses apparently always symbolise love (whether this artist knows that or not I have no idea), the dove is the symbol of peace, the two different drinks, cupid, a lady in blue, the bird in a helmet. I wonder whether the artist was telling a story and left it for us to interpret or did he simply paint an image to cover an old building. Great street art. Glad you could share it.

    1. I agree! My husband was away off down the street and I would have loved to spend longer just looking. At least I can now enjoy my photographic evidence. 🙂 Thanks, Irene!

  5. Always! Portugal has the most imaginative street art. I saw some wonderful examples while I was there, but this is even better. Is the lady a Fado singer?

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