Life is full of choices


Windows, or doors?


Old, or new?


Real, or imagined?


But the hardest choice of all?  Which challenge to enter!  And I’m spoilt for choice this week, because Klara Bach has given me choices in Thursday’s Special.  I’ve promised Dawn I’ll linger by a few more windows, and then there’s Norm’s Doors!  I ask you- what’s a girl to do?  Enjoy the challenge, I guess.  I hope you do, too.  Every picture tells a story!  Do you have a favourite?


  1. Jo …I’m intrigued by doorways and windows …finding them spiritual gateways into soul …thank you for the beauty of your photos …love and hugs , megxxx

      1. Good…most days. Just not feeling the blogging urge too much at the moment. We have had such beautiful weather here lately…sometimes too beautiful [hot] for too long, but walking with Chev, and feeling the sun has become my hobby almost.

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