Six word Saturday



The view that draws me back…

Looking down the years of our Portuguese home, there’s an image that appears over and over. It’s the bridge, Ponte Romana, in Tavira, with its lovely backdrop.  Many’s the evening I’ve idled, with a glass of port, watching the dip and swoop of the swifts.  Trying hard to catch their flight on camera, in an unsuspecting moment.

It’s just one reason to keep me going back.

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This week Brie Anne at The Daily Post asks if you have a ‘muse‘.  Something to which you are drawn again and again.

Meanwhile Cate has just six words at Show My Face.  How about you?


In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Muse.”


  1. A view you can call your own Jo … how super to think of that in the dead of an English grey Winter 🙂 Lovely pictures of the golden hour …. and a good twicthing spot by the looks of it too Hope you’re enjoying the sunshine and warmth up where you are … next week … wow …

    1. Warmth is so easy to get used to, Poppy 🙂 I have a friend who’s coming over from Tavira to watch Wimbledon. She may be hoping for cooler weather 🙂 I certainly wouldn’t want to play tennis in it (but Rafa might 🙂 )

  2. This is such a beautiful photo Jo – I can see why this bridge would draw you back time and time again and it looks so lovely in the night light with all the lights twinkling in the background 🙂

    1. It’s a lovely part of the world, Rosemay. Preparing ourselves for an English heatwave next week, but never sure if it will reach our little patch of coast 🙂

    1. Mick would love to be there for his birthday next month, Madhu, but so far I haven’t booked flights. It’s probably too hot (fine for a beach bum like Mick 🙂 ) and flights are expensive, but we’ll certainly be back before too long. 🙂

  3. This is beautiful, Jo. I love the lights reflecting off the water. I’m constantly trying to capture pictures of swifts but they’re always too fast for me 😉

    1. Sorry, Meg! I keep forgetting that the slideshow is invisible on phones. IPads too? It’s a shame because they make a nice change from having to scroll (and scroll!) down. A nice way to break up the page. 🙂 Anyway… thanks!

      1. I’m better connected here with laptop, owned for a year and barely used. it is a good way to display photos, and you don’t have to apolgise for my technology! I’m also running an old iOS on my iPad.

      1. Hi Jo, so good to be back – I am doing great and hope you are well. Been busy with a lot of house projects, with getting some painting in.

      2. Oh Jo isn’t that the truth!! Great to see your beautiful photographs of places far from here and read your stories – yes, it’s really nice to be back!!

      1. Clouded over here in the afternoon and I had to take OH to the ceilidh. Nice to see the countryside on the way there and back. The moors must have been a delight.

      2. Another ceilidh! A weekly gig, then. It wasn’t all fun you know- I zumba’d first 🙂 The village of Lealholm was full of picnic-ers and sheep on the green.

  4. So lovely. I am making travel plans for next year, and putting the Algarve at the top of the list. The skies, the contrast of the buildings and the water, the look pf peace. Thanks for helping me get to know the place in pictures.

    1. If you want anything like an authentic experience, I should avoid Albufeira and Vilamoura, but I may be doing them an injustice in saying that. There’s something for everyone, Susan. If you want any ideas drop me a line a bit nearer the time. 🙂

      1. I will! I wanted to avoid Spain’s Costa del Sol altogether. I’m looking forward to learning about the areas ahead of time – something I don’t usually do – and your blog posts are the best source of info I’ve found. Many thanks.

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