1. They have their 3 boys to consider, and finances, but I wouldn’t discount it. Dad’s funny! He swells with pride at all things Polish 🙂 He was delighted to find 3 Polish waitresses on the staff in our Yarmouth hotel. They became bosom buddies!

      1. Two cousins- brother and sister. Grazyna is married to a boat builder (who can turn his hand to anything) and they have a dream to sail the world in a boat. They have lived in the Broads (North Walsham) for 8/9 years I think. Wojtek and his family just came last year, after his lighting business in Poland got into difficulties, and they now live in Norwich. Their dad is my uncle Wlodek, who lives at the German border (Zgorzelec). Sorted? 🙂

      2. Sailing the world sounds good if they are sailors – just go where the wind takes them. They should do it before they get too old! Your dad must be well chuffed to have his family back in his life.

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