Jo’s Monday walk : Daffodils in Farndale

Burning the heather on Farndale

Burning the heather on Farndale

Carrying on from my last walk, at Rievaulx Abbey in North Yorkshire, I would like to take you over the Moors to Farndale. It’s always a dramatic sight when you crest a hill and see the heather smouldering, but the burning is done on a carefully controlled basis to keep the heather young and vigorous.

I had read that medieval monks from Rievaulx planted the first daffodil bulbs in the valley, but the petite wild daffodil (Narcissus pseudonarcissus) is one of our native plants.  In any case, I’ve known of the Daffodil Walk at Farndale for as long as I can remember.  It’s coming to the end of the season now but, 2 weeks ago, when I was there, we admirers were out in earnest.

Old and young, and many a happy dog, ambled or scampered along the well trodden path- each at his own pace.  The common factor?  A smiling face!  The tiny, nodding yellow folk and the enfolding warmth of the sun seemed to create a special world.  No frowns or scowls allowed!

The tiny, yellow folk

The tiny, yellow folk

Such a joyful sight!

Such a joyful sight!

Time to cool off!

Time to cool off!

Oh, no!  Come back!!!

Oh, no! Come back!!!

Some of us aren't so badly behaved!

Some of us aren’t so badly behaved!

On the lead, or off- I guess that’s the difference.  With barely a cloud in the sky, it was an English day to be in love with.  And I was!

Such a tidy Winter's hedge!

Such a tidy, bare hedge!

And then a low-flying plane drones past

Then a low-flying plane drones past

Such crisp shadow in a  peaceful scene

Disturbing the peace, but not the shadows

Are you feeling thirsty yet?  We’re approaching The Daffy Caffy.  Yes, you read that right!  Only in England?  But first we should inspect the pretty window box.

Full of Spring flowers, of course

Full of Spring flowers, of course

But the good news is you can have everything from a bacon sarnie (jumbo size!) to a cooked meal, or just a naughty piece of tiffin or cake.  Go the whole hog, if you must!

And then there are choices to be made.  I don’t mean sitting in the garden or indoors, but that’s a choice too, so long as there’s space.  You can now either retrace your steps, beside the river, or you can carry on, on a circular route which will make your total walk about 3 and a half miles. Well- ‘in for a penny, in for a pound!’  It’s too nice a day to waste, and there’s the added enticement of St. Mary’s Church.

If you haven’t already got one, pick up a Farndale leaflet before you leave the Daffy.  The map will keep you right, but in daffodil season the route is fairly obvious.  The village of Church Houses lies ahead, at the end of a short track.

Looking back at Church Houses

Looking back at Church Houses

Just beyond Church Houses you cross a stream, beside which the Church of St. Mary’s is signed. Dating from 1831, it’s worth a closer look.

I hope you’re in the mood for hopping over a few stiles, because that’s what comes next.  They come in all shapes and sizes as you cross the fields.

Or maybe this one?

Or maybe this one?

Complete with stile!

Complete with stile!

Last but not least...

Last but not least…

Safely back to earth, I hope you enjoyed our wander.  Maybe it’s one to bookmark for next Spring?  Already the tulips are rampant and I found some shy fritillaries in our garden.

If you’re driving into Farndale there’s car parking at Low Mill, but it might be possible to catch the Moorsbus during daffodil season, from March to April.  This map will help you with location.

walking logo

I won’t be publishing a walk next Monday because I’ll be in Poland, so you have the Bank Holiday to roam at will!  I’ll be back with you on Monday, 11th May, when I hope to settle back into my usual pattern.  Thank you for your tolerance in the meantime.

I have so many walks to share with you this week that you might need a very large teapot at your elbow! Grateful thanks, as always, to all my contributors.  My Jo’s Monday walk page will tell you how you can join me.


It’s always a pleasure to follow Debbie. Where she leads, I’d just love to follow!

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Monday walk : Texas Countryside

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When Cardinal Guzman shares you can always expect a great photo!

Acores 5341

Whilst this post has Jude stamped all over it, even though there’s a boat or two :

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A Scottish walk is often bracing but no worries- there’s fish and chips!

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And some thoroughly English gardens!  Do you know this one, Jude?

Hall Place and the Queen of Beasts

Rounding off with Tobias.  Don’t miss the Art Deco!

A Walk to Kurhaus

That should be enough to keep you all going while I’m gone!  Once again, many thanks, and happy walking!


    1. Hi Robin 🙂 Thanks for spending so much time with me. Time is a commodity I can’t seem to get enough of these days. I’m well aware I owe you a visit and hope to make it in the next day or 2 🙂 Hugs!

  1. That looks like a pleasant day out, full of spring daffodils. 🙂

    A bacon sarnie at the Daffy Caffy? Are we speaking the same language? Strewth, no wonder we call you the barmy army. 🙂

    1. We definitely don’t speak the same language, Draco. 🙂 We northerners have our very own.
      I’m a big tennis fan, and I love the enthusiasm with which your lads cheer their players on.

  2. Thanks for the tour, Jo! The photos are amazing. Especially love the shots in the country with the rock walls and blue skies. Looks like it was a great day for a walk and a stop off at the Daffy Caffy. Welcome back from Poland!

    1. Thanks for that (and the follow 🙂 ). The York Moors are a lovely part of the world and I’m lucky to have both them and the coast on my doorstep.

    1. What a lovely welcome home, Aquileana! 🙂 I haven’t even begun to think about a walk for next Monday and where it will be, but right now the sun is shining and that’s a great start. Thank you!

  3. Wow, a lovely trip, Jo! Heather fields are one of the things I miss from N. of Holland. I wonder if it has a particular smell when it burns …. (rhetorical!). Those little stairs to get over the fence seem quite handy!

  4. I love daffodils, they’re such a lovely thing to see at this time of the year. What a lovely walk – illustrates perfectly our beautiful countryside. I would have gone the whole hog in the Daffy Cafe! Bacon and cakes! Hope you’re having a nice time in Poland

  5. Slowly catching up on the people and posts I’ve missed recently!
    This looks a marvellous walk Jo and who could resist the Daffy Caffy!

    I hope you’re having a great time in Poland.

  6. So many treasures to enjoy! I saved this treat for the bank holiday. The stained glass window is breath taking. You capture the colours so clearly. The daffodils look so fresh and uplifiting. The way you compose the photo makes the nature reserve come alive on the screen and look so fragrant. Thank you for this blast of fresh air! I appreciate your visits to my blog so much.

  7. G’day Jo, I’m back home and loved my cyber walk with you, England at its best. I love how they put all the stiles to make it easier to scramble over walls and fences. I did a few walks over in NZ so will now have time to sort a few out for next week or two. Enjoy Poland I’ll look forward to following you over there…

    1. I’ve brought the rain with me to Krakow, Pauline, but it’s still a lovely city. Family BBQ today. Looking forward to reading about New Zealand x

  8. Love the setting in which you photographed the beautiful daffodils. You found them in their natural habitat and in window boxes. How beautiful!
    You have the gift of telling a story via photos. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Just crash landed back to earth in England and the washing 🙂 🙂 I managed to keep up with some of my comments from Poland but unfortunately missed yours. I will be visiting as soon as I can get there. Many thanks!

  9. Dear Jo,
    One of the loveliest things about England in April is the profusion of daffodils. My daughter Bea is studying at Oxford this quarter, and was in Bath yesterday. She has commented upon the daffodils too. Thanks for taking me along on another lovely walk!

    1. Always wonderful to have your company, Naomi 🙂 Are you likely to be able to visit Bea over here? Oxford is a lovely city. Is she enjoying it? Another fledgling leaving the nest 🙂 Take care!

      1. Dear Jo,
        She is LOVING it! We had a two hour Skype call yesterday after her weekend in London and yesterday’s day trip to Bath, which she really enjoyed. (She loved playing dress up in the Fashion Museum there).
        I would like to visit her there, but am planning to rendezvous with her this summer in Eastern Europe, and must decide if I can make two trips so close together, especially on the heels of our trip to Turkey. She says if I go, she will take me punting in the canals there, and that is a tough offer to pass up!
        All the best to you, Jo!

  10. Thanks, dear Jo, for taking me on that wonderful walk. Especially as we don’t have such opportunities here, with all the land in private ownership and no right to roam. Roaming might end with “lead poisoning” 😉 hereabouts. What I can do to see some nice views is bicycling, and I like to do that.
    Have a great time,

  11. Oh, this has to be one of my favorites, Jo! I love daffodils, the harbingers of spring. You’re right, they are such happy flowers. Who doesn’t smile when they see one?

    The sweet dog paddling away in the stream reminds me of my dog Reggie bounding into a pond after some ducks on our recent trip to New Orleans. He is a springer spaniel, after all. 🙂

    1. The dogs were fun, Jackie, but I was surprised at how many people had turned out to see the daffodils. Mind you, the weather was well nigh perfect 🙂 Thanks, hon! Glad you enjoyed it.

  12. ti ritrovo in una splendida giornata di primavera, in piena luce in compagnia di persone e amici cari, il verde dei prati fa risaltare la bellezza dei luoghi e i timidi narcisi che sìaffacciani ovunque la delicatezza del tuo pensiero
    grazie per questa tua meravigliosa e stimolante compagnia

  13. So gorgeous this walk Jo, I adore Yorkshire and how beautiful in the spring with your lovely photos and your entertaining narrative 🙂 I’ve done a walk for you, but fear I am too late since you ae going away 😦 But we are on the same wavelength with daffodils and dogs 🙂 Ever since hubby and I went away for our wedding anniversary back in March, I’ve been wanting to do this post…! I managed to get my bench with a view in for Jude too…sharing this time, cheekily! And now I’m going to look at your previous post and here’s the link to mine: Loving your walks 🙂

    1. I’m happy to share your walk and to have you around anytime, Sherri 🙂 I’ll tweet tonight/FB tomorrow and include on my next walk (wherever that may be!!!). It just means a bit of a delay till the post appears. I already have a few for next time. I had to post this today as by the time I come back the daffs will almost be history. Many thanks, hon.
      Oh good- I’ll get to sit on Jude’s bench too (cheekily 🙂 🙂 )

      1. You can sit on Jude’s benches anytime you want Jo…we’ll both have to share you 😀 🙂 😉 Thanks so much for sharing my ‘Oscar’ post…where has the time gone?

  14. I’m so excited because this is another place where I have been to! Took my boys on the daffodil trail at Easter in 1995 I believe! Gorgeous daffs and some new-born lambs and calves too. Beautiful photos! There is nowhere as gorgeous as England when the sun shines 😀

    1. There were quite a few lambs about, Jude, but I didn’t get a decent photo of any of them. I’m blown away by the tulips that are out since I’ve come back from Tavira. Poland should be pretty with blossom too. 🙂

      1. I’m starting to stockpile a bit too 🙂 I sometimes forget about walks I’ve done and not had chance to post. Something for a rainy day?

  15. I have filled my yard with daffodils; because, as you say, it is impossible not to smile when you see them. This was a lovely walk. There were a few photos that caused me to winder whether I have ever seen so few clouds in an English sky. have a wonderful time in Poland – eat some bialy ser for me!

  16. so beautiful Jo! the daffodils look so dainty. and the church! oh so charming. love the stained glass crucifixion scene! beautiful photographs and reflections as always! what a lovely walk! thanks for sharing 🙂

  17. Such an enjoyable walk, Jo! I loved breathing in the fresh country air and admiring the views. That window box is so delightful, and I loved the little ladder to help me climb over the stone wall. Have a great time in Poland. 🙂 xx

    1. Boot club not needed, Ad. I just climb stiles 🙂 🙂 There were some fierce-looking cows eyeing us up this morning so we were pretty snappy getting over them! Thank you 🙂

    1. It was such a popular walk that day! We were surprised at how many people had ‘found’ it as it’s quite out of the way, but the weather was such an invitation! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Paula 🙂 It was such a ‘feel good’ day! Juggling too many balls in the air at present but I’ll be under employed when I get to Poland. There’s seldom balance, is there? 🙂 Hope you enjoy Portugal and we’ll have a major catch up when we’re both back again.

  18. I haven’t hear of this place – it’s beautiful. I love walks where you happen upon a teashop! I have been on several walks recently which I haven’t written up because of the A to Z Challenge. Maybe by the time you come back I will have something – enjoy Poland.

    1. Spring is gushing out all over the place at present, Lynne! It’s a bit cool sometimes but so long as those skies are bright everything’s looking beautiful. 🙂

  19. it’s so beautiful and pastoral! there were many moments when i wanted to step into the page!

    what is it about stiles that are so inviting? my heart always smiles when i see one, whether it’s a rustic one or a well-made one!

    thanks for a great outing!

    1. Our walking group is getting increasingly elderly, Lisa, and there are lots of groans when we come to a stile, so I was glad it was just me and Mick that day. 🙂 I loved having your company too!

      1. i needed the leisurely walk! yesterday i walked to town in the afternoon, and i had worked upu a healthy sweat by the time i reached town. i was carrying a box of art supplies, my computer/camera, overnight bag… am still in town and will spend another night.. several painting projects are in progress – timeout for art and art and more art!

  20. What beautiful weather for a walk, Jo, and the daffodils certainly do make you smile! I love all the different kinds of stiles in England. When I was there, ages ago, we were amazed at how many different types there were. Nothing better than a walk in the English countryside. 🙂

  21. Aah, I haven’t climbed over stiles in a fair while, and that felt good Jo. And what could be more lovely than a window box full of cheerful spring flowers? Thank you for a most delightful walk!

  22. The Daffy Caffy is truly a wonderful name. It looks like you walked through some gorgeous countryside on a beautiful spring day. Yorkshire is a place I would like to re-visit I spent a short holiday there decades ago and I loved it. 😉

    1. Thanks, Viv 🙂 I’m meeting myself coming back at the minute and Mick is super busy with the business so he’s just as bad. Glad you enjoyed this. I did too! 🙂

  23. Inspiring but also another amazing connection as my Aunty Freda grew up in Farndale in the 1920s and have just been to see her daughter. Freda ran away to be a nurse. Life was very hard in the country then and she was an adventurous soul!

  24. What a wonderful walk Jo! The flowers were so enjoyable as summer has turned to fall in New Zealand. And the cottages were so beautiful and inviting. I’d never seen a Stile before. Clever idea! Have a wonderful visit back in Poland. Looking forward to seeing you back on the 11th (although I may be underway to Fiji by then so may need to catch up when I arrive).

      1. 🌞 I hear it is an incredibly beautiful. place. Any chance you’d be going there for a visit in the next few months. I missed you in Christchurch but it would be lovely to meet up in Fiji 🌴

      2. Probably not. Although a friend and I have been discussing about going in August or September for a short time. Hope you will be able to do some blog posts from Fiji.

      3. 😊 I hope to. I hear that Fiji has good and affordable WiFi. Excited to hear you are planning a trip to Fiji! Unfortunately, I will likely be in New Caledonia by the time you arrive so will miss you.

    1. Fabulous, Meg! Thank you so much 🙂 The sun is beaming in through the window (though I expect it’s a bit nippy- yesterday I was greatly daring and had a late breakfast in the garden, but I ate swiftly 🙂 ) and I’m off with my walking friends soon, to Moors territory again, so all’s well with my world. Hope yours is fine too. 🙂

      1. Monster hailstorm on Saturday, so dealing with insurance and repairers for solar panels, and owning up to J. That his ute, in my care, acquired a cracked windscreen and a broken side mirror. Oh, and packing for Poland.

      2. Eek!!! This weird and wonderful world 😦 Haven’t started packing yet. Still recovering from having ‘the boy’ home at the weekend 🙂

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