Just yesterday I looked at Paula’s Scheduled Challenges and thought, ‘I don’t have anything panoramic’.  Funny how life sometimes supplies what you need without even being asked.

The day dawned bright, beautiful and empty of plans.  A phone call later and I had walking company.  The coastline north of me is rugged, former mining territory.  The magnesium limestone rocks are steadily eroding and at low tide you can enter the resulting caves.  The shore is littered with reminders of the past, washed and washed beyond recognition.

Washed clear to the horizon

Washed clear to the horizon

Save for a gentleman and his dog

Save for a gentleman and his dog

From the confines of the caves

From within the confines of the caves

The rich colours of the stones beckon

The richly coloured stones beckon

Strewing the beach as far as the eye can see

Strewing the beach as far as the eye can see

Rough and ready jewels

Rough and ready jewels

Rinsed by the sea

Rinsed clean by the sea

It seems I had a ready made panorama all along!  Perhaps I’ll take you inside the caves next time. Now to see what kind of Panorama Paula has in store.  Whatever it is, I know it will be beautiful.



  1. grandi orizzonti, i panorami esprimono sempre la grandezza della natura
    grazie cara Jo per avermi reso la tua visione incantatrice del mondo che ci circonda e in cui viviamo
    un abbraccio molto affettuoso


    1. It does make it harder to climb back up the cliff face. Can’t beat a bit of weight training 🙂

      I need to complete my 6WS (in which you will see some of the rocks in close up) and then I will reply. Hugs, Meg, and thank you! 🙂 🙂


  2. All are my favorites, stunning panoramic view shots – would love to be on the beach right about now. Perfect way to start my weekend – have a wonderful one!


    1. Thanks, Mary 🙂 I need to check out the weekly photo challenge. I was back on the beach, a little further along, taking close ups and hazy cliff top views this morning. Then fighting with an overgrown clematis montana this afternoon. Quite worn out now 🙂 🙂 Hope you have a good one, too.

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  3. The photo of the gentleman and his dog is just amazing! The blue sky is reflecting on the shore along with the blue ocean and it’s simply awash in total blue! I love it. What a great place to take a walk, Jo!


    1. It was a spectacular day, Debbie! 🙂 I was with a walking group of 20 or so, which is an exceptional number, but still I felt I had the place to myself. (except for the man and his dog 🙂 )


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