A bench for all seasons

Trainspotting, anyone?

Trainspotting, anyone?

There's one!

There’s one!

Such a blue sky! Yes, it is England.

Blue skies! It’s an English Summer.

Delving deep into my archives, I’ve concluded that I don’t take many photos of benches.

But I do like to get out into the countryside

But I do like to get out into the countryside

Coastal footpaths are great places for a bench or two.

Especially if you have to climb up there

Especially if you have to climb up there

Ahhh, that's better!

Ahhh, that’s better!

In Giverny, at the Monet Garden, I tried to capture a very cute butterfly and her sister.

Got the bench, but not the butterfly!

Got the bench, but the butterfly nearly got away!

It was such a lovely place! Spot the bench?

It was such a lovely place, with just an occasional free bench

Wasn't it Patrick's Day this week?

It’s not every day you find a bench for St Patrick’s!

Spring has been quite unpredictable too this year.  Walking has brought a few surprises.

No sitting on this one!

No sitting on this one!

Or this!

Or this!

I can’t wait for those sunny days to get here so I can begin hunting for benches in earnest.  Have you joined Jude’s Bench Challenge yet?  Come with me!  You don’t want to miss it.


  1. Love the light blue color of that train station. It’s like you’re stopping at a candy store or a fairytale house after riding the train. Ahihihi 😀

    That fourth shot is epic.

    1. No, they are two different benches on a rather nice nature trail between Grosmont and Goathland, on the York Moors railway. They are very old photos (pre-blogging) and I need to go back and do the job a bit better, Madhu 🙂

  2. love all photos, Jo! i can feel the warmth of the first few photos with the matching blue skies, benches and lamp posts! the steep hill onto the coast is quite picturesque the Monet garden is exquisite! it’s all lovely! thank you! 🙂

  3. Very cool concept Jo – what a great collection of photographs, the scenes are beautiful and benches,. I need a rest today and any one of them would be perfect.

  4. You always have such lovely, cheerful photos. I love the emphasis on benches. Ever since I saw the movie Notting Hill, I’ve been fascinated with benches.

  5. Well, for someone who doesn’t take many photos of benches, you seem to have quite a collection, Jo. 🙂 The one half way up the steep hill is such a great idea. I guess it must be very popular. The Monet garden is so lovely. I hope I get to go there one day. 🙂

  6. That’s a lovely selection of benches Jo. My favourite is the blue one at the station, in fact the whole station is rather pretty (if one can describe a station as pretty!) and I love the blue and red decor combination. 😉

    1. They do spend a lot of time and money on the North York Moors stations and they are all picture postcards. There’s a 4 mile walk from this station to Goathland (with the wooden carved benches on it) which is idyllic in Summer. 🙂

    1. Not at all! Somebody put them there for a reason. You’ve just reminded me of some more bench shots I have! 😦 There’s a tendency now to tie bunches of flowers to them to commemorate a death. Bit morbid!

  7. Jo, you do make me laugh! Oh, I don’t have many photos of benches……then you post a load, AND in the comments it turns out you have lots more….. How many is many!! 😀😀

  8. Love your view on this challenge …. love your view on the bench seasons. I think I may have walked in those coastal steps … if they are in Cornwall????!!! And I have been sitting on one of Monet’s benches. Lovely entry, Jo. Here comes a Friday hugs from me and my new notebook. *smile

    1. Whitby on the north east coast, Vivi 🙂 Are you waiting for the partial eclipse? It’s nearer you than me (that sounds silly but you know what I mean 🙂 )
      Happy weekend, darlin’.

  9. So you didn’t realise you were an unconscious bench lover – you have to thank Jude then! Now you’ve found out you’ll find yourself doing it everywhere and walks will have a whole new dimension 🙂
    The little girls are so cute and the seaside hill looks familiar but it can’t be if it’s northern. Have a lovely day honey!

    1. Who knows what’s in my subconscious, Gilly? That IS a scary thought 🙂 🙂
      It’s Whitby, Gilly. Scene of so many of my jaunts. You’d be right at home there.
      Are you up early for the partial eclipse or just always an early riser? Here comes the weekend! Have a good one 🙂

  10. I’m somewhat taken by the “quirky bench”… Were they Amish-made judging from the way the man and the woman were dressed ? It seems that these benches are centuries old. A very good eye-catching photo!

    1. There are quite a few wood carvers in North Yorkshire and you come across some great ones. There’s a woodland trail in Guisborough that I’ve featured before, with owls and foxes, etc. 🙂

  11. I always think of benches as such thoughtful outdoor furniture…put there to acknowledge that sometimes we need to rest a while. You have some great ones here – thanks.

    1. Many of them are rather unprepossessing but the view can be spectacular. I have to admit, I tend to focus on that more, but at Jude’s insistence… 🙂 🙂

  12. Don’t start blaming me! You obviously have a hidden passion seeing all these benches (and by the way you don’t HAVE to post them all at once you know) I love them all – but then you knew I would didn’t you? 😛
    Jude xx

    1. What can you mean? ALL? These are just a sample 🙂 Heaven help you when I get started!
      Actually I missed 2 out from Robin Hood’s Bay, and was coming back to sneak them into the post this morning, but thought better of it 🙂 And I have one with some nice woodland shadows, I’m sure, but can’t find it. You know those jobs like ‘back up’? Well, a photo filing system is another of them.

      1. Photo organising has been my ‘job’ since I stopped teaching. Still haven’t got much further than when I started due to taking MORE photos!! And when I start to view/delete/file I get distracted 🙄

      2. Do you put proper names on your photos when you post/edit them, Jude? I know Debbie and Cee and wonderfully organised people do. One day, when I stop chatting on here and get out and live my life… 🙂

      3. I didn’t have the glasses so it didn’t look much different to me – slightly darker sky at the back of the house like twilight. It was more dramatic in 1999, but I was in the office then as I wasn’t that bothered about it then either, so let everyone else go outside to watch. It’s a beautiful day though here 😀

    2. It was pretty murky before hand but the sun did miraculously appear afterwards (for a while 🙂 ) I have a friend staying at Robin Hoods Bay for her 44th wedding anniversary and she said it was fantastic down there this morning (but she might just have meant the breakfast 🙂 )

  13. Always a new challenge, and Jo, you’re always up for them! I don’t know how you have time. Love the benches at the train station and the one in that beautiful garden, as well as the St. Patrick’s one. Cute collection of places to rest our behinds. 🙂 Have a good weekend, Jo!! xxx

    1. Thanks, Cathy. Jude supplied me with lots of lovely walks so I owe her a few benches. Not my strong suite. I was out on my Greatham Creek walk this morning. The one with the seals – the first I did for my walks. It was really misty at first but then it cleared and there they were! Happy weekend to you too, hon. 🙂

      1. We had a couple of days of summertime-like heat and humidity, Jo, and I was afraid we were going to go directly from winter to summer. Now it’s cooled down a bit, but it’s back to gray and dreary and some rain is forecast for today. I really need to move to a place that has decent weather. The Mediterranean comes to mind. 🙂

  14. Lovely benches. So many good shots. My favorites are the ones with the train in the background (cause I love trains), the close up on the bench with the horses, and the ‘butterfly and her sister’ on the bench. Very nice.

    1. Much easier to find boat shots, Lisa, but I do have a few benches. The ones at Grosmont are probably my favourites. I haven’t used the escaping butterfly before because it’s blurred, but I still quite like it. Thank you 🙂

  15. What a rich collection of benches. You are liberal – no saving for a future post! Solution for snowy benches? I carried a piece of corrugated cardboard which acted as both scraper and cushion. That was when my walking distance was only between benches.

    1. I remember you did that, Meg 🙂 Not much sitting about with the walking group!
      I hunted for hours for these. Jude was so supportive of my walks. I have more of the ornate, Portuguese style.

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