Six word Saturday


 Wake up and smell the hyacinths!






I’ve been playing again.  Can you tell?  It all started when Suzanne wrote a guest post for Thursday’s Special entitled Abstract.  Looking for a subject matter with which to create an abstract or two, I turned to the flowers I’d bought that day.  I have never seen hyacinths used as cut flowers before, but I think they work rather well alongside a purple iris or two.  And when I come downstairs on a morning, I have the wonderful fragrance of Spring.

I do have a tendency to get carried away though.  Remember Lunapic?


It hurts your eyes after a while, but isn’t it clever?  I used to love my kaleidoscope as a child, and what could be more abstract?

I hope you find something that makes you happy this weekend.  Why not share it, in six words, with Cate at Show My Face.  And Happy Mother’s Day to you ladies!



  1. Hey Jo – when you brought up my jumping pictures – I forgot that i wanted to thank you for mentioning lunatic – I had never heard of it and so I might mess with it later – and I love when bloggers share these cool programs.

    and so with the jumping pics, I actually got the idea from Zee (at Life confusions) because way back when she used to use them – and there are many free sites for creating them – but here is one that I like to use because it is easy for the quick ones I make:

    have a nice rest of your day


      1. Hope your headache has gone now Jo. I haven’t been able to get on my laptop until now, had so many appointments and ‘stuff’ today. How is a girl supposed to get any writing done much less blogging around here anyway?????? Hope the B&W’s had the desired effect. Still thinking what to do for the last post…hugs dear Jo, hope you are cheered 🙂


      2. Yes, I’m fine, Sherri. There was just a glimmer or 2 of sunshine today. That’s all it takes 🙂 Dad’s been for tea and I’m just settling in for an evening of catch up 🙂 Hugs to you, too.

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      3. So glad…a little sunshine here today too. It helps so much doesn’t it? And how lovely to have tea with your dad…sounds like your heart is the happier for it! Happy catch up Jo…I’ll be doing the same, inbetween making a meal and who knows what… 😮 Thanks for the hug back…lovely 🙂


      1. Just waiting for this cyclone to make up it’s mind when and where to hit us. Looks like it may be Friday (which is also MiLs birthday). Once the crazy cyclone season is over it’s going to be nice to settle down to some stable weather 🙂 I hope your rain smitten gloom doesn’t last long xxx


  2. How did I miss this!
    I bought cut hyacinths the other week – such a wonderful scent. It is one of the joys of spring flowers 🙂
    This a great choice for abstract – endless fiddling is available!


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