1 Day 1 World Project : 11.00- 12.00

Crimdon beach

Crimdon beach

Thursday is usually my Nordic walking day.  Sometimes there are just a few of us, like the happy band above.  The others missed a treat last week because, for a short while, the sun beamed and winked in the puddles left by the retreating tide.

I love the ruggedness of the landscape

Don’t you love the ruggedness of this landscape?

And the murky reflections

And the murky reflections that it creates

The strange shapes of the cliffs

The strange shapes of the cliffs

And the rocks beneath

The rocks below

With their seaweed frocks

In their seaweed frocks

And crooked seams

With slightly crooked seams!

I thought I had a good subject here for Lisa’s 1 Day 1 World Project.  We start walking around 10.30am, and I intended to use the photos in last week’s 10.00- 11.00 time slot.  When I uploaded them, I realised I hadn’t started taking the shots till after 11.00!  Too busy Nordic walking, and talking. (naturally!)  Well, I guess that’s what we’re there for.

It’s sad to see this project come to an end.  Even though I haven’t managed to take part each week, I’ve followed it’s progress.  Lisa promises one last round up next week, and as a grand finale I really have to have one more play with Lunapic.  Don’t I?


And because Thursday’s Special, and Paula’s home, I’m linking up there too.  She has the most delicious night time shot and if you have some spare time you can even enrol in her Portuguese classes too- for free!


  1. The bases of those cliffs remind me a little of the bases of the cliffs on the Havasupai Reservation, along the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon…I haave fond memories of that trip, because it’s where my Accomplice proposed…

    Lovely post, and so many interesting links to follow up on! =)

      1. I love meeting new people! Especially when I can do it right here…

        Since New York winters can be long, cold, and snowy, I’m looking forward to snuggling into some of these links when the season changes…

        Our “official” weekend is Monday and Tuesday – because the kids don’t live on school schedules, and my Accomplice is a chef….but thank you, and may yours delight! =D

  2. Wow! Love the craggy rocks with character, this is lovely that you walk with others, also the final photograph with the shimmering, moving water was enchanting, Jo! I support Pink since I lost one grandma and a 41 year old friend to breast cancer. I think your October’s pink is a great idea!

    1. I don’t take many photographs while I’m out with the Nordics. It’s too awkward with the poles and I get left behind then have to do a sprint. 🙂 I also walk with a ‘normal’ group on Mondays and they humour me (and generally laugh at me, too)
      I liked the pink banner. My mum died of cancer more than 20 years ago, when treatments were far more limited. Hugs! 🙂

  3. I love the rugged coastline and the “seaweed frocks” and of course your Lunapic effects, Jo. Why is your walk called a Nordic walk? Have I missed a description along the way? Hugs xxx

    1. ‘Nordic’ is a style of walking with poles that is supposedly good for the heart rate, etc. (if you do it right and don’t just walk and gossip, Cathy!) Enjoy Nanning 🙂

      1. Oh, okay. I thought you might need to do it in a Nordic environment, which your walk certainly wasn’t! So do you do it right, or do you gossip? 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Jo! xxx

  4. Seaweed frocks! Love it. And the Lunapic is stunning. I need a walk by the sea…this is the next best thing, wonderful. Have a great weekend Jo, see you soon 🙂

      1. Sounds fun! Can’t wait to see those 🙂 Got a calm weekend ahead, thanks Jo, which means catching up on some jobs but I did get my bulbs in last weekend so that’s not bad is it? Unfortunately, I had a tooth out yesterday which turned into a surgical extraction leaving me on mega painkillers, antibiotics and stitches in my mouth 😦 For someone who has a phobia of dentists, it was what I dreaded but thank goodness it’s all over with. Ha! Bet you’re sorry you asked now!!! Moving on swiftly…hope things are well with you 🙂

      2. Always happens that these things become major when it’s something you dread! 😦 I got stung by a wasp today. In October! And at the seaside! Whatever was it thinking? Never mind- I have a very nice glass of red at hand. 🙂

  5. A walk on the beach might just be the perfect way to end this challenge, Jo. I know it’s one of my all time favorite activities. 🙂 Beautiful photos and how lucky you are to have this view close to your home! Thanks so much for all of your wonderful participation over these past 24 weeks, your point of view and adventuresome spirit are a joy to follow. 🙂

      1. Yes we could, but it won’t be ‘my’ beach. We went last year to one not far away, but there were jelly fish, and the beach wasn’t nearly as attractive. I suppose one can’t have everything in this life, but why not? 😀

      1. Yeh, but I won’t have my poles with me 😦

        (and actually I don’t do Nordic walking, but I’d like to. I do have poles, use one when walking if the terrain is hilly or uneven, it does help the poor old knees)

  6. the photo of the ‘seaweed frocks’ made me visualize a face on that particular frock!
    today i took a long walk on the beach to compare the changes from a month ago.. its not pretty.

    it’s so great to read your posts, especially when you take us along on your treks! z

    1. Hi Zee! Yes, we’re lucky not to be fighting that battle here. We have some subsidence problems so not too close to that cliff edge 🙂 Many thanks for your company.

      1. you are welcome… the problems at the beach are sad, and i fought tears in many areas and then i would get angry as i recalled those who mocked in the background and said that it was affecting only a few spoiled rich ‘gringos.’ it’s affecting every single front line property, from the very poor to the affluent.

        i look forward to catching up – slowly, now that i am almost home. ha, i went to the beach before going home! will spend tonight in town and go home tomorrow. z

  7. Even places which, at first glance, are bland earth tones exhibit a beauty all their own when we take time to observa and appreciate. This has been such a fun project to follow; I hope she hosts it again; I think I’d give it a go (except in the dead of winter!)

    I was tickled to see your Lunapic flowing water picture because I think about it every time I ‘click you’ wondering if ‘today’s the day’! 🙂

    And I STILL have that on my list (no pun intended) to make one of my photos of a pond ‘move’.

  8. well this post ROCKS! (pun intended- ha)
    and I do love the ruggedness – and just so wonderful a place to walk – enjoyed this restless one. 🙂 ❤

    1. It’s a style of walking using two walking poles quite briskly and is supposed to be good for heart and circulation, Ana. 🙂 I’ve been doing it for a few years but not so regularly as I should. If the weather’s not good I’m not so keen.

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