Six word Saturday


An unintentional trip to the zoo?

These guys are so cute, aren't they?

Meercats are so cute, aren’t they?

My last day in Kraków started rather damply.  The plan was a woodland walk and, when we arrived, I was immediately captivated by a red squirrel.  He, though, was quite determined to evade me and disappeared through a fence.  The woods were, coincidentally, situated next to Kraków zoo, and I surmised that I might find more red squirrels inside.  Looking through the gate, I decided that a visit might be worthwhile.  The flowerbeds alone looked rather beautiful.  So- in we went!

See what I mean?  The rhododendrons were gorgeous!

See what I mean? The rhododendrons were gorgeous!

 The kookaburra was one of my favourites of the captive species

The kookaburra was one of my favourites of the captive species

This guy seemed determined to vie with the flowers

But this guy seemed determined to vie with the flowers

When he treat us to this display!

When he treated us to this display!

While the pelicans seemed more intent on personal grooming

The pelicans seemed more intent on personal grooming

Nothing was going to compete with these rain dropped beauties!

And nothing was going to compete with these rain dropped beauties!

But for adorable, these guys took a lot of beating

But for adorable, these guys got my vote

And antelope always make me smile

And antelope can always make me smile!

You know what I didn’t find, though?  Not even a single red squirrel.  Maybe the roaring of the lion scared them off!   So I settled for more rhododendrons.  Well, they are my favourite plant!

Aren't they lovely?

Aren’t they lovely?

I’m never too sure about zoos, though I know some of them do great conservation work.  I hate to see big cats caged, and the noise coming from the single beautiful lion indicated that he felt the same way too.  Paula was at the zoo in Zagreb earlier this week.  Why not ask her what she thinks?

Then you need to pay a visit to Cate at Show My Face.  She’s our generous hostess for Six word Saturday.  Are you going to play?



  1. They make a right bally hoo of noise at times Jo , but I do love to see a peacock show off 🙂
    I’ve not been to a zoo for …. can’t remember … I do think some have sharpened up their act Jo but I still feel uncomfortable seeing big cats caged and lack of room or more natural surroundings for other large species I’ve seen in the media.


  2. I’m with you all the way on the adorable giraffe selection Jo! And note curiosly that your pelicans are VERY different from ours, which are black and grey along with their white. yours are much prettier 🙂


  3. Wonderful pics, Jo. We used to have peacocks and yesterday there were kookaburras everywhere abound the trees at the RUC (they woke me up in the morning) 😀


  4. I’m partial to your flower shots, although meerkats and twin giraffes have much charm. I’m glad you liked the kookaburra – a reminder of home, where they perch on power lines and horizontal branches, preferably dead ones. On the move today – Ljubljana to Bled. I’ll be able to post a Monday bus ride – and a lake walk too, if I don’t fall asleep!


    1. I will be so jealous (but with you in spirit 🙂 ) if you post a Lake Bled sleepwalk., Meg. I imagine it to be totally beautiful, and not dissimilar to the area I just visited. Excited just thinking about it! Take care.


  5. a happy zoo trip Jo! fancy seeing a kookaburra!!! odd that we both posted peacocks today 🙂 …. and yes I had kookaburras in the garden recently … I guess you are back home again now?


      1. hi Jo …. I will be meeting Marianne in Malaga about 1pm on 5th June … is it too far for you to come too? we fly out on 6th ….


      2. Aw, shame! So close and yet so far, Christine. We don’t arrive till mid-evening on the 4th and Malaga is a 3 hour or more drive away. I really can’t ask Michael to do that, both ways, on what is intended to be a relaxing week. So sorry! I’ll have to settle for enjoying your impressions on the blog. 🙂


      3. If it’s meant to happen, Christine 🙂 Do you know that Viveka is meeting Nia in a couple of days time? What a lovely world we have!


  6. I am torn about zoos as well. Sometimes they make me sad but the grandkids sure enjoy seeing the animals. Your rhododendron are lovely but I can’t spell it!(had to look again at your words)


  7. Thanks for the unexpected zoo visit. I love meerkats too – they are so comical. Peacocks are very dramatic, but I think they are quite full of themselves with all their bright colours and showing off! Loving the rhododendrons too – I saw some beautiful ones recently, but couldn’t get close enough for photos.


  8. Some zoos are definitely better than others. We have one in Toronto however we also liked the zoo in Calgary Alberta.


  9. Hi Jo ~~ I’m loving your Polish treck. (I’m your number 2003rd of 2488 followers.)
    I have no 6WS again but soon may start again. Only have the iPad here with me and it doesn’t post real easily.
    Just to let you know we’ve been in London since we landed at Southampton on May 3rd.
    But now, yesterday plus, we are touring using a rental car here in Wales. We picked the car up in Shrewsbury and have been driving since. Tuesday and Wednesday on the way back to London we will stop to visit friends in Northampton. Finally we should leave for home on the 31st.
    I wish we could make it up to visit with you guys but probably couldn’t make that. We might visit with “Soulbrush” but she lives in London so that would be easier. We’ve visited before.


    1. Many years since I was in Wales, Jim 🙂 Hope the weather was kind because the scenery is beautiful. I know the main thing is to see your lovely family. Make the most of it! The hugs never go far enough.


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