Six word Saturday


Windows full of cats and dogs!

It's raining cats and dogs!

It’s raining cats and dogs!

This window display in Middlesbrough completely stopped me in my tracks!  Passers by wore puzzled frowns as I squinted and snapped, trying to get shots without too much reflection.  Fairly difficult because the creatures were quite large.  This is so appropriate for the wild, crazy weather we’ve been having!  Don’t you just love the creativity?

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Don’t you just love Saturday?  Especially when you can start it with a smile!

I really have to link this to A Lingering look at Windows, too.  I know that Dawn likes a smile.

But don’t forget to share your six words with Cate at Show My Face will you?



  1. If it rains dogs and cats …. I will stay indoors *smile – amazing job that they have done. Very interesting display, but it wouldn’t lure me into the shop … a bit creepy.
    Today our landlord phoned me and … asked if their guys could meet me at my basement storage area.
    We have a rat in the basement – and they wanted to put a trap in my storage unit. I don’t like killing animals, but a rat … does such a damage.
    My saturday was sunny with blue sky … but so full of discomfort.


    1. I’m working backwards through your comments 🙂 April showers here today, but that’s ok because it’s…. April! So I went for a short walk between showers. Everything looks so fresh 🙂
      A rat! Horrors! We’ve occasionally had them foraging too, but not for a long time I’m glad to say.
      The shop is expensive so I never shop there, but they are a little creepy, those windows.


      1. We have had sunshine for … about a total week now – 9 days I think, but it’s still very chilly in the air and the wind.
        The parks are just bursting with flowers .. so breathtaking.
        I know, rats are not my favorite pet … and it has done some damage to some peoples storage unit, but they couldn’t find any spilling in my unit, but somebody had seen it running into it. So long it doesn’t start eating of my nice suitcases. *smile


      1. Oh so sorry to hear this Jo. I really feel for you. I had two whiplash injuries within 6 weeks of each other in late 2011 which left me with neck and shoulder pain for months. I know how exhausting it can be. I’m glad that you had this fun distraction but I do hope you feel much better soon…big hugs… 🙂


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