Six word Saturday


Windows full of cats and dogs!

It's raining cats and dogs!

It’s raining cats and dogs!

This window display in Middlesbrough completely stopped me in my tracks!  Passers by wore puzzled frowns as I squinted and snapped, trying to get shots without too much reflection.  Fairly difficult because the creatures were quite large.  This is so appropriate for the wild, crazy weather we’ve been having!  Don’t you just love the creativity?

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Don’t you just love Saturday?  Especially when you can start it with a smile!

I really have to link this to A Lingering look at Windows, too.  I know that Dawn likes a smile.

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  1. If it rains dogs and cats …. I will stay indoors *smile – amazing job that they have done. Very interesting display, but it wouldn’t lure me into the shop … a bit creepy.
    Today our landlord phoned me and … asked if their guys could meet me at my basement storage area.
    We have a rat in the basement – and they wanted to put a trap in my storage unit. I don’t like killing animals, but a rat … does such a damage.
    My saturday was sunny with blue sky … but so full of discomfort.

    1. I’m working backwards through your comments 🙂 April showers here today, but that’s ok because it’s…. April! So I went for a short walk between showers. Everything looks so fresh 🙂
      A rat! Horrors! We’ve occasionally had them foraging too, but not for a long time I’m glad to say.
      The shop is expensive so I never shop there, but they are a little creepy, those windows.

      1. We have had sunshine for … about a total week now – 9 days I think, but it’s still very chilly in the air and the wind.
        The parks are just bursting with flowers .. so breathtaking.
        I know, rats are not my favorite pet … and it has done some damage to some peoples storage unit, but they couldn’t find any spilling in my unit, but somebody had seen it running into it. So long it doesn’t start eating of my nice suitcases. *smile

      1. Oh so sorry to hear this Jo. I really feel for you. I had two whiplash injuries within 6 weeks of each other in late 2011 which left me with neck and shoulder pain for months. I know how exhausting it can be. I’m glad that you had this fun distraction but I do hope you feel much better soon…big hugs… 🙂

      1. Yes, Jo, I did the Monument Avenue 10k yesterday, and ended up walking 8.2 miles. In the rain. It’s half raining/half snowing AGAIN today, so I’m staying in and keeping warm. 🙂

      2. An organised walk for charity? Good for you, but that doesn’t sound much fun. I hardly went out at the weekend. Saturday aftie I was a saddo- Mick was at the match and I drank hot choc and listened to Norah Jones and Buble.
        Grey and dampish again this morning but it’s walking day. Have a good week, Cathy. Will send you that email.

    1. It’s certainly been a little unpredictable, Amy, and extremely wet for some people. This weekend we have thick, damp fog. Lovely! I have lots of photos to load for my walk tomorrow, though, so I’ll be busy. (and Rafa to watch in the tennis this evening 🙂 ) Enjoy your Sunday!

  2. what tremendous fun Jo! A sad commentary on the weather but such dear serious creatures losing their umbrellas, and your lovely story, certainly made me smile 🙂

      1. Sorry to hear about the frozen shoulder, hope it isn’t too serious. I had one for 18 months! had to buy an automatic car as I couldn’t use my manual without pain, and pay privately for an osteopath to sort it out (took a few months and it was painful, both physically and financially, but it worked whereas the NHS physio didn’t make any difference whatsoever). Let’s hope yours isn’t that bad!
        Jude 🐻

      2. This is the second time I’ve had it, Jude, but it’s much easier today. Scarves and hot water bottles at the ready. Not forgetting a drink, purely for medical purposes, of course 🙂 Thanks for your concern.

  3. Could give night time revellers a wake up call . Surreal fun !
    Have a great Saturday Jo .. sounds like you are a bit under the weather .. oops .. no pun intended :- ) take care x

      1. Don’t worry, ironing is not on my mind today, haha. I trimmed the back yard, shot my cat – but only in pictures! 😉 – and tonight the V-man and I will eat steak with some good friends. A lovely Saturday it is.
        And if you need more smiles, here you have mine 😀 😀 😀 and a hug to accompany them.

  4. I completely and totally love it. It really speaks to my feelings these days exactly. Don’t let the weather or anything else get you down. Revel in the creative ways of it! I just adore that you posted this. Have you posted it on facebook? I haven’t seen it. But I see that you have a facebook button on your page and I’m going to click away! Bravo to that talented marketing idea, to stop folks and give them something to talk about!

    1. Thanks a lot, Karen! We need all the smiles we can get, don’t we?
      The link comes up automatically on the ‘Johanna Bradley’ Facebook page and I usually put it up later in the day on my Restlessjo page and Google+, if I remember. I only visit FB now and again or I can loose a day following everyone’s posts and news. Many thanks for the share.
      Have a great weekend 🙂

      1. Oh, don’t do that! I’ll be good- promise 🙂
        I just stopped for a while to do some food shopping and then lunch, Paula. Thank you for spending time with me today.

    1. If I had just an ounce of talent that way, I would love to have been a window designer, Elaine. 🙂 But all that work, and then it will be taken apart in a week or so!

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