The simple kind

The simple kind

Ready to go!

Ready to go

As far as you can take me

As far as they can take me!

Edited by Viveka Gustafson

Or maybe something grander?  (Edited by Viveka Gustafson)

With a little more style

With a bit more style
And panache!

And oozing panache!

Some elegant wood carving

Perhaps some elegant wood carving

And a figurehead to charm the world

And a figurehead fit to face the world!

Jake has asked the question this week- how do you like to travel?  You might have noticed that I’m very partial to boats- all shapes and sizes.  How about you? The last five shots were taken when the Tall Ships Race came to Hartlepool in 2010.  My lovely friend Viveka admired them but it wasn’t a bright day and one of them needed a hint of brightening up.  She was kind enough to do it for me, unasked.  Isn’t that what friends are for? I think my husband may have taken some of the Tall Ships.  My memory’s not so good these days! But I do remember to join Jake in his Sunday Post challenge whenever I can.  The subject this week is Transport.  Come take a look!



  1. Not only me that is mad about boats, vessels and ships … magnificent photos, Jo.
    Even if I enjoyed work at sea … I’m not too keen to use it my own transport. *smile

    1. I’m Sunday afternoon tired, ironing still to do, and the clouds have blown in, so my plan to check out the “monkey trail” on the Headland this afternoon will have to keep for another day. But returning to my laptop for 5 minutes, with a coffee, you’ve made me smile, Paula 🙂 Thank you!

  2. These are beauties, Jo. I too love the waterways and being transported back in time when that was the only way to cross oceans. Great selection!

  3. bellissima quella barca con l’antico cassero in legno…le polene sono molto stilizzate
    quante barche sembrano giochi per bambini, immagino ti piacerebbe poterci giocare1 🙂

  4. I’m so glad you also say you aren’t confident with the “boats” versus “ships” definition. Neither am I. But I do love the figureheads! Aren’t they just grand at any scale. I think my preferred mode of travel is by train. I think the rhythms are my speed—slow. LOL! And by car sometimes, too, just because I’m prone to wandering and getting an idea while I’m going from point A to B…I take many detours in life. 🙂

    1. Hi Debbie 🙂 I had no real idea what I was going to do for Jake’s challenge because my head was full of the glass factory post, but I had a quick photo browse. I always love boats, though I’m no sailor. Once I’d spotted the Tall Ships it just had to be them 🙂

    1. I’m never too sure when I should say boats and when ships, Viv. I’ll have to Google it. That wondrous fount of knowledge 🙂 Thanks! Beautiful morning here, again. Is this really March?

      1. okay, one more comment on this fun ship post ( 😉 ) cause I had to chime in on this one –

        First, I am also NOT sure as to when say ship or boat – but I do know that a sailing vessel is considered a YACHT if it is at least 33 feet long. When in high school, my friend Kelly’s parents ran the “bison city yacht” club and well, it did not look like they even owned a yacht – but it was yacht – just a small yacht yacht in the category of “cruiser” – and I guess up front here there are super yachts (80 feet) and then maga yachts (160 feet)…

  5. This is the second post I’ve seen this morning featuring boats – strangely enough I’m currently writing a story that takes place on a boat (cue eerie music). I think the universe is trying to tell me something! 😀 These pics are wonderful 😉

      1. well Jo – had to chime in real quick on this comment – because our good friend lived on a house boat in the 1990’s and hated it – she said it everything was damp all the time (and I believe it was a real nice boat – a Baltic??) anyhow, we were shocked at her experience. (oh and hope dianne’s story comes out nice…)

    1. I was in our marina this afternoon, Amy, and it was so clear and bright, I couldn’t resist taking more. I wished I’d waited to post Transport so I could include them, but I really love the Tall Ships so I was happy to use these old photos.

      1. Since I hate to miss out on anything Jo, when needed ( snorkeling trips being a recent example) I manage with a little anti nausea medication. The trick is not to fall asleep while watching the fish 🙂

    1. I’ve done the Tyneside to Esbjerg sailing, Andrew, and quite enjoyed that. Nothing compares with a Greek ferry though, does it? 🙂
      Yes, I quite like trains but to get where I want to go they’re an expensive option.

      1. Sadly Jo, I think those Greek ferries that we remember are a thing of the past, a victim of EU health and safety legislation and the Greek financial crisis that has reduced subsidies and privatised the services.

        Italian trains are my favourite – they are still nice and cheap! But I am 60 this year & will qualify for a UK senior rail card so have some plans for late summer to travel to some of the northern cities that I have never visited!

    1. I’ve just come back from the marina, Cathy, where I couldn’t resist shooting a few more! 🙂 It was warm and crystal clear. Too good to be true! Will look forward to your next post. Hugs!

  6. A fine selection Jo. It must have been wonderful to have been on the dockside in the days of the sailing ships. All the hustle and bustle getting the ships ready for sea, loading cargo and listening to all the old seafaring banter……ah!

    1. I could wear a long frock with a bustle, too, David. 🙂 Now I’m getting carried away!
      I was in the marina not long since and got some crystal clear shots which would have been good for this challenge but I did it on a whim this morning, because I want to do the glass factory tomorrow. So many posts- so little time! And it’s just too nice to be in, isn’t it?

    1. I love her and Dewarucci, Robin. I was hoping we’d get them back, but I think it was a once and only because the council managed to lose money on the event. 😦

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