A Lingering look at Windows : week 8

Leo the lion looks out hopefully

Leo the lion looks out hopefully

Remember I was in York last week for Lisa and Leo’s wedding anniversary? This window would have fit quite nicely in the Valentine’s collection, wouldn’t it?  Missed the boat, again!  It wasn’t really the weather for window shopping, but everything looked so tempting.

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And when the rain finally drove me inside, I looked through the pretty stained glass windows of The York Tap at the vaulted station roof.

IMG_3485It’s been a bit drier here this week.  Did you linger outside any windows?  I know Dawn did.  Pop over and take a look.


  1. I love York Jo, it’s been a while since I’ve been there though so thanks for the memories with these lovely ‘lingering window’ shots. Adore the lion 🙂

    1. I was scurrying past on my way to meet Lisa and Leo when I saw him, Ad. I sort of kept walking and then couldn’t bear it, so went back for the shot! I didn’t notice a price tag but it would have been as big as the space he’d take up on the train 🙂 Think he’d have prevented the other passengers from attacking me?

  2. Fudge???!!! Your dentist must love you *smile – one of the few sweets I don’t like … far too sweet for me. You found some fantastic inviting windows again … A hug full of soft snow!

  3. I love that lion in the window, Jo. I love window shopping in general, although I prefer it on clear nights or sunny days! I’m always amazed at how creative and artistic shopkeepers can be with their window displays. Love them all. 🙂

    1. I was on my way to meet Lisa and Leo and it seemed very appropriate somehow, Cathy 🙂
      I know! If I wasn’t such a clumsy clutz it would be wonderful to work with window displays. Think I’m better at travelling though.
      Any good news?

      1. I can’t imagine you being a “clumsy clutz,” Jo!

        I am making some progress, slowly but surely. I finally printed out my novel and am editing it ~ 2nd time ~ now (on Ch. 10/50). I’m also trying to pare down what was once a 12,000 word story on India to 2,000 words to submit to a newspaper; I’m still at 5,000 words!!! Also, have a phone interview on Friday, but I’m torn about it because it’s in Baltimore, which is quite a distance from here, but the organization is one I’d love to work for. I don’t think I could stand the commute, so would have to think of moving! Anyway, I have to get past the phone interview first, so I’m not going to worry yet. One step at a time. 🙂

      2. It’s all sounding very promising, Cathy. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the interview. If they offer you the job, then you can decide. 🙂
        Wish I had your focus! I’m working on a post I promised Bespoke Traveller weeks ago 😦

  4. Lovely shop windows, I enjoyed browsing with you. That sweet shop was very tempting though – I almost stepped inside myself! York’s a fab city, went there a lot as a child – it doesn’t seem to alter much over the years either. But you saved the best for last – beautiful stained glass!
    Jude xx

    1. York has an unbelievable number of naughty temptation shops! 😦 Good job I’m a resister!
      I have a long shot of those windows I’m rather partial to as well.

  5. immagino che ti sarai portata a casa Leo!
    molto fantasioso l’arredo delle vetrine, e come sempre buon gusto nella scelta degli scatti
    passa una lieta giornata 🙂

    I imagine that you brought home Leo!!
    very imaginative decoration of showcases, and as always good taste in the selection of the shots
    passes a glad day:-)

  6. Aren’t the shops in York wonderful.
    They’re so easy recognisable too, before I read any words, I knew immediately where the images were from 🙂

  7. Your window shopping looks very inviting, Jo! 🙂 That’s what I love about England, all the special, small shops beside the mainstream, all with a personal note. Great presentation!
    Almost weekend now – enjoy your Thursday.
    Warm greetings from semi-sunny Rhine Valley

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