The Award Fairy is simply worn out!


I have to admit it.  I have been so naughty this year, I really don’t think Santa will be coming to call.  What should I do to make amends?  I could start by acknowledging a few kind people who have bestowed awards on ungrateful me.

Women's skirt awardA good place to start, don’t you think?  It made me smile and pretty well sums up my attitude to writing.  Sandcastles in Portugal– isn’t that a lovely image? Alicia loves crafting so I’m sure many of you will enjoy her blog.

Whilst on the subject of Portugal, I’m long overdue a visit, and delighted to say that I’ll be back there on 2nd January, in time for Epiphany.  Alyson Sheldrake of Algarve Blog is a powerhouse of activity, and the creator of the Blog of the Year 2013 award.  If I don’t speed it up I’ll be just in time for 2014!  Aly’s artwork is legendary in the Algarve and you can visit her at either of her blogs.

Blog of the Year Award 1 star jpeg

Now you might wonder why I have awarded myself one of the six stars that go with this award.  Pure laziness is the answer!  I did warn you that Santa had crossed me off his list, didn’t I?  Michelle at Kidazzleink shone on me twice, giving me a star and the WordPress Family award too.

Like this cute snow fox

Do you like this cute snow fox?

I’m sure you all know Cee!  She is an amazing lady who illustrates Cee’s Photography with a rainbow of colour, and produces challenge upon challenge.  I owe sincere thanks for being included in her Sisterhood.  And Valentina, a fashion concious lady at  Low Rise, High Hopes kindly gave me the Best Moment Award.

And his companions

Cuddly snow bunny companions

In the true spirit of naughtiness I have no intention of fulfilling all the rules in the above awards.  Why should I bore you when you’d rather see another photo or two from Chatsworth House?  But if you follow all the links you can introduce yourself to the people you don’t know, and surely that’s the point?

All quite happy together!

Happy together, like the blogging family

My awards all appear in my sidebar, or on my Awards page.  Thank you very much to all concerned, and I do hope I haven’t missed anybody out.  So now that poor old Award Fairy can have a nice rest.  She must have earned some time off for Christmas!


  1. Worthy of them all, my dear.
    I love that owl ornament. It would look great in my owl collection (next to my peace symbol collection). Can you say, Ease up on the collections, Gemma!?
    Congrats, Jo.

    1. I have a soft spot for owls too 🙂 Why not fill a house to overflowing? Who needs empty space, anyway! There’s always the great outdoors.
      Have a wonderful Christmas, Gemma, and thanks for your lovely company and fun.

  2. I appreciate awards, but like Cathy I don’t like all the rules that go with them. Your blog is truly deserving though and I like the way you have dealt with them! Nice to see more of the Chatsworth decorations, they really go to town there don’t they?

    1. The event runs for a month, Jude! Bet they’re happy to have something like the bunnies that won’t need dusting (just blow the dust off in passing- could create chaos! 🙂 )

  3. Congratulations on all of your awards this year! You’ve been such a prolific blogger and it is lovely to see how you’re living life on the other side of the world. I love the Christmas snow bunnies and other decorations, so pretty and a very different to Christmas in Australia. Have a lovely Christmas Jo and best wishes for a happy, healthy and fun filled 2014 🙂

  4. Congratulations, Jo! I’m glad you won all those awards; they are certainly well deserved. I also love that you just made up your own rules. I don’t bother accepting many awards because I don’t like all the rules and they remind me of chain letters. 🙂 Nice to have another peek at Chatsworth House. xxx

    1. I just had to, Seonaid! A clean sweep for the New Year 🙂 I’m thinking of going “award free” but it seems churlish, doesn’t it? Do you have company at Christmas or are you visiting? Have a lovely time, whichever, and very best wishes for 2014.

      1. We are having everyone here, and we did all the food shopping yesterday…yippee!
        Looking forward to some lovely food and great company over the next few days 🙂
        Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas Jo, it’s been wonderful to find you in the blogosphere this year.

  5. They’re wonderful decorations, aren’t they Jo (though I can’t imagine them in the same room with Sir Winston) – I particularly like the top shot with that wonderful owl bauble. Perfect for a Christmas post. It’s cold? I’m in Melbourne with friends – hoping to post today or tomorrow if I can. 🙂

    1. These were in a corridor before you “entered Narnia”, Meredith! Sir Winston didn’t even notice them 🙂 Not cold enough for snow, except in Scotland. Have a wonderful Christmas! I wondered what you were doing this year.

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